Saturn Network Q1 2020 Review

Saturn Network presents its latest investor update, summarising our Q1 2020 performance - which has seen a massive increase in protocol usage and marks the beginning of Stage 5 of our roadmap where we will see DAO activation.

Saturn Network Q1 2020 Review

While other projects may come and go with variable degrees of success, Saturn Network is demonstrating consistent growth month over month despite the tumultuous times on the markets and competing with projects that have better funded teams. This is a testament to both the engineering talent of our community,
but also to the business acumen of our group. We now consistently rank in the Top 5 for Ethereum and in the Top 10 across all blockchains.

Top 5 Decentralized Exchanges (Source: DappRadar)

Q1 2020 was about positive growth, and if you would like the short summary: it happened and is continuing to happen! All of our trading stats such as daily volume, daily users and amount of listed tokens continue to rise. Which means the exchange protocol is seeing more usage, and the collected trading fees is growing exponentially.

Saturn Protocol collected trading fees

As we will see in detail below, almost two thirds of our total trading volume since launch happened in the last quarter alone. Which is a very bullish sign of product market fit and Saturn Protocol adoption. Ultimately, this means bigger dividend pay outs to Saturn DAO members - something which is scheduled to start happening during Stage 5 of our roadmap.

Q1 Exchange Trading Statistics

  • Trades: 20,332
  • Orders: 19,731
  • ETH Volume: 6,217 ETH
  • ETC Volume: 1,375 ETC
  • Trading Volume USD: $984,469

Since launch we now have 697 tokens listed and seen 7,341 users interact with Saturn Protocol. In total we have now seen 8,398 ETH and 38,888 ETC go through our exchange's smart contracts, at current prices that would roughly be $1,521,662 USD.

Trading Volume Reaches New Highs
Trading volume and protocol usage continues to reach new all time highs. Past 3 weeks: 6469 trades, 5950 orders, 1690 new users, 52 new tokens and $169,619 USD volume.

Development Highlights

Saturn Protocol - Blog | Saturn Network
Saturn Protocol is the future of trustless, privacy-preserving, censorship resistant decentralized exchanges for any blockchain that supports smart contracts.
Uniswap added to Atomic Orders
Our Uniswap integration as a liquidity source for Atomic Orders is live! Additional ~$5,000 to be distributed in SATURN tokens as a new trade mining reward.

Rewards and Airdrop Highlights

Atomic Order’s Rewards Promotion Finished
Happy to say our promotion for trading via atomic orders has been a success! All 10M Saturn tokens have been distributed, which means the new feature has already seen 2,000 ETH in trading volume.

ERC20 Wrapper Released

Though the open source ERC20 wrapper was published during the first week of April, and technically would fall into Q2 2020. We wanted to touch on it separately during this review and provide our thought process on this release, as it was not part of any roadmap published previously. If you missed the recent announcement, please find it linked below.

Saturn20 Wrapper Dapp Released
Our ERC20 Wrapper Dapp has been published entirely open source as part of our Dapp Dev Kit. You can now use it to mint SATURN tokens that follow the ERC20 standard using your ERC223 tokens as collateral.

As they say: highsight is 20/20. Three years ago it was impossible to say which token protocol would emerge as the most useful. We chose ERC223 due to it being technically superior, which is something we still stand by:

  • All ERC223 trades happen in 1 transaction, while for ERC20 you must do 2 transactions for approve.
  • It is safer for investors, as there is less risk of sending your tokens to a wrong address and losing them forever.

We find it surprising that the industry ended up rallying around ERC20. Even ETC Labs and other ETC leadership teams are promoting ERC20 instead of using ERC223 which was born on the classic chain.

Regardless of this philosophical discussion, it makes no business sense to isolate oneself. The whole point of the blockchain is interoperability of protocols working together to create the future of finance, in which we will hold a prominent role. For that to happen we need our token to work with other exchanges and #DeFi
dapps. To that end we have developed, open sourced and released ERC20 Wrapper for ERC223 tokens.

How to mint Saturn20 and Add Liquidity on Uniswap
Here we will walk you through minting Saturn20 tokens and how you can start collecting fees by adding liquidity to Uniswap.

This code allows you to make a ERC20 coin from your ERC223 token, and let people freely convert back and forth between the two standards in one transaction while remaining 100% decentralized. Total supply of your coin remains intact, token economics remain unchanged - but you have gained interoperability with the ERC20 ecosystem. That's a win-win!

Roadmap Update

We now come to the end of the Fenrir stage of our roadmap, and it marks the beginning of Stage 5: Prometheus.

Saturn Network Roadmap
Saturn Network Roadmap outlines a path to decentralized financial freedom powered by blockchains, smart contracts, DEXs and cryptocurrency.

What to expect this month?

We've been working hard, not only to grow the platform and our user base, but also reviewing best in class solutions on how to implement a DAO. For example, how to protect it against novel attacks, such as flash-loan voting manipulation? This is very important for our long term success, as even huge projects like MakerDAO are vulnerable to such attacks.

How to turn $20M into $340M in 15 seconds
Anyone with ~40,000 MKR (about 20,000,000 USD) can steal all of the collateral in Maker DAO, both DAI and SAI, along with a good chunk of assets from Compound, Uniswap, and other Maker integrated…

Now, we have the solution, and we will soon be ready to share it with you! Along with further announcements and updates around how we will be activating Saturn DAO. This event will also be accompanied by the final HODL sale of SATURN tokens, as the founder team aims to reduce our total stake below 50% to allow community governance to flourish.


We are sure you are as excited as ourselves to complete stage 5: the DAO will be activated, the profits will be regularly distributed, new incentivized mirrors and alternative trading interfaces will emerge.

Future is bright!

Read more about Saturn Protocol V2 below, an upcoming major exchange protocol upgrade which will bring token to token pairs, automatic market making, DAO activation, dividend payments and much more!

Saturn Protocol v2
Saturn Network plans major exchange protocol updates to improve overall liquidity and dapp interoperability on Ethereum and Ethereum Classic.
The Final HODL: Prometheus
Saturn Investment Program launches the final HODL: Prometheus. Saturn Protocol v2 will bring DAO activation, profit sharing, automatic market making and much more.

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