Saturn Network Services

Here we outline our plan of launching several services that will complement our exchange by bringing in a massive amount of liquidity.

Saturn Network Services

Following our announcements of Ethereum Dapp Kit, which we will use ourselves to create new dapps and improve our platform, and Atomic Arbitrage, which will bring in massive amount of liquidity to Saturn and will thus contribute to growing trading volume of our exchange, Team Saturn is proud to announce Saturn Network Services.

Liquidity for all ETH tokens thanks to Atomic Arbitrage
We are happy to report successful testing of our prototype for atomic arbitrage and would like to announce an IDEO to support this features development.
Ethereum dApp Development Framework
Team Saturn is about to unleash #defi and smart contract explosion on EVM chains such as Ethereum, Ethereum Classic. Join the Winning Team!

The goal of launching Services is threefold. First, it is our way of giving back to the community, as the bulk of the services will be provided free of charge and they are something that we see ourselves using on a daily basis. Second, it is a way for us to offer our technical and business expertise to up and coming projects. We firmly believe in tokenizing the world and we think there is tremendous untapped potential in being able to launch DAOs, fundraise and give value back to investors. By offering our services to businessmen all over the world we both benefit global cryptocurrency adoption as well as secure funding for our day to day operations. And third, all services will be tied to our core product, the Saturn Protocol DEX, by driving usage and trading volume which benefits SATURN and STRN token holders!

Current Saturn Network Services

Many of our services are now live and running, you can find an updated overview article below.

Our Services | Saturn Network
Service for token airdrops, trading competitions, crypto press releases, cryptocurrency marketing, smart contract audits and custom token creation. Powered by Saturn Exchange.

Please reach out via the follow request form if you are interested in any of our services.


Below you can learn more about what you have to look forward to.

Service Types

Supercharged Portfolio Management

You've probably already noticed our recent update to My Account page. There we've aggregated all your token balances across all supported chains, your trading activity, your airdrops and your investments. Expect us to add the following services in the upcoming months.

  • Portfolio allocation. We'll aggregate your token balances and show your portfolio status and balance changes.
  • Portfolio recommendations. Based on your token balances, trading activity and market signals we'll provide you with portfolio recommendations. For example, if you own ZRX, and KNC you might be interested in buying SATURN. Or if you own an ETH/USD SMA trading bot token you may be interested in buying LINK/ETH RSI trading bot as that could benefit your portfolio. The beautiful part about it is that, unlike Google or Facebook, thanks to cryptocurrency we can provide you with relevant recommendations anonymously and free of charge!
  • Public profiles & trader leaderboards. Just like a block explorer shows balances and transactions of every account, we'll create a Saturn page for everyone that they can share with their communities. While some people may indeed enjoy staying anonymous, and they certainly can, others enjoy a more social way of using cryptocurrency. For those users who claim their trading game is strong they will now be able to share a profile page that backs it up.
  • Achievements. The world of cryptocurrency can be vast and confusing to newcomers and may seem chaotic. We'll curate a list of achievements that you can earn, such as make first trade on Saturn, create your first token, open your first MakerDAO CDP, diversify portfolio and others. Collecting badges is a fun way to earn money and learn more about cryptocurrencies!
Tokenized Trading Bots | Saturn Exchange
Neuron outlines a new feature that we will implement by combining Atomic Arbitrage with our Ethereum Dev Kit, giving Saturn users the option of investing in tokenized trading bots.

Trading Tools

For trading tools section we will provide the following.

  • Trading bot marketplace. The bots will cover all of Ethereum and ETC tokens and will compete against each other for your money. You'll be able to explore the bot's performance and strategy and invest in the ones that are perfect for your investment thesis. The first tokenized trading bots, in the spirit of #DeFi, will be managed by Team Saturn with unparalleled transparency and uptime. In the future we'll explore plugging in decentralized trading oracles in partnership with ChainLink or another oracle provider, as well as providing a platform for human traders to compete against trading bots.
  • Best Price Trader. Thanks to Atomic Arbitrage and 0% maker fees we'll be able to provide the best price for your trades. Think you just click a button I want to sell all my KNC for MKR and Saturn Protocol will take care of the rest at the best price available. Like a one-click version of DexIndex.
Shared Decentralized Orderbook
Learn more about how Saturn Protocol is a shared decentralized orderbook and how this will create growth in the future.

Business Services

We like to call fellow blockchain business owners tokenizers, as they are helping humanity tokenize the world. Saturn Network is in the business of tokenizing uncensorable, trustless trading, but the tools that we develop can be useful to anybody, from a decentralized oracles or prediction markets company to a marketing agency or micro brewery. We can help businesses grow through providing the following services.

  • Token Airdrops. Airdrops is a novel form of marketing that is highly effective if executed correctly. You can use our free and open source airdrop-tool in order to efficiently airdrop your token to thousands of addresses, or you can give send us the tokens and we can handle the drop for you. The airdrop tool uses a secure smart contract solution to hold the coins for your recipients until they claim it from Airdrop Dashboard on Saturn Network (you should check it out - maybe you have an airdrop or two waiting for you!).
  • Airdrop Datasets. As we've mentioned before, airdropping is very effective if the ones who receive the airdrops are active crypto users interested in your product. It's like giving away a sample - a proven marketing strategy used in retail that drives real sales! These datasets will be compatible with our free airdrop-tool, so you can quickly and free of charge reach a wide audience or purchase a premium dataset to have a more targeted approach. Examples include top traders for a token (useful if you want to run a trading competition), top token investors in a HODL program, etc.

One of key benefits of investing in SATURN and STRN have been the airdrops, as business owners that list on our exchange love to give back to our community. Our early investors have received more than $100 in airdrops each across multiple tokens. We will always make sure to keep SATURN and STRN investor addresses available for free and easy to use for airdrops. Sounds interesting? Invest today!

Airdrop Services | Saturn Network
Saturn’s Airdrop Service takes away the headaches of token airdrops. From curated wallet lists to full airdrop management.
  • Trading Competitions. We can organize and hold a trading competition for your token's order book. Having Team Saturn hold the trading competition for your token and act as escrow will add legitimacy to your project, as well as get your token noticed on our integration partners (CoinMarketCap, CoinGecko, CoinPaprika, Blockfolio, and others).This service includes announcement blog post, final results blog post, and airdropping tokens to the winners.
  • Project Overview Blog Post. Sometimes the biggest challenge a good project has is simply getting noticed. Team Saturn will review your project, publish the review on our blog, and distribute the message via our social media channels and email newsletter. We shall also link this blog post to your token's order book page, so traders can see the fundamentals on which the token's value is built! You can see some examples linked below.
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To discuss any of your requirements, please reach out via the following request form and we will be in touch.

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