Saturn Network Fundraising Goal

Today we have prepared a breakdown of Saturn Network's softcap so that investors can safely know how much we are aiming to raise and where it will be used

Saturn Network Fundraising Goal

Saturn Network above all wants to be known as a project that is transparent and is known to care about traders and its community. We want there to be no confusion about our mission & that no question goes unanswered. From the day we announced our intentions to launch the Saturn DAO we have been operating on the basis that our community is an essential part of the team. Listening to your concerns and taking feedback onboard, we feel we moved forward as a collective and became stronger. And this bond will only grow greater once we start voting on key decisions together.


Now that we have launched our strategic investor program it becomes even more crucial that you know how we intend to make our vision a reality. We understand that investors need to know that we have crunched the numbers and know what it will take to make Saturn Network a success. Today we have prepared a breakdown of our soft cap, how much that we are aiming to raise and where it will be used. This way every participant can truly know our intentions and how we see the future unfolding.


From a tech perspective, we believe that we are truly ahead of any competitor, we would challenge anyone to find an upcoming ICO that has a documented history as triumphant as ourselves. We have a proven track record of fixing bugs in Ethereum, contributing to ERC223 token standard, developing Saturn Network, ERC223 upgrade protocol, time lock presale contract. At this point we do not think that anyone would argue that we are not capable of delivering on this front, what we need is a big marketing push.

The marketing game is different, it costs money to play. Remember that no matter how great a product is, it will not matter if no one knows about it. We are committed to transparency when it comes to spending money, that's why we list the full cost of what it takes to use various ICO marketing services. Allowing you to know how much each marketing effort costs.

We believe our future services like our ICO investment gateway or our decentralized money management have an enormous potential market, what is needed now is the funds to initiate a massive marketing campaign across various networks.

We do not spend money blindly and we track each marketing channel. At a later date, we will provide a detailed overview of how each marketing channel has performed. As a result, Saturn Network will build a whole database of knowledge that will inform a future generation of entrepreneurs. They will know what platforms work and what platforms don't and will be able to reduce marketing spending going forward, resulting in less investor money being spent on marketing and more money being spent on developing amazing products.


As it stands our main prowess and expertise lies in the development, of course, we want to ensure this stays that way.

When it comes to developing amazing tools for the future of cryptocurrency unfortunately it is not free, otherwise we would not be here making this post! As we scale into more blockchains we know that we will need a more robust team and undoubtedly need to hire more developers. All new code will always need to be rigorously tested and audited to ensure it is up to our standards - as you know we want to provide the community with the best-decentralized architecture and not one that uses any shortcuts.

This will require new members to our team at various intervals to review and test new products and services. Also, remember that the Saturn DAO may vote to make changes to the protocol, this may just be a small change or it could be something bigger. As a result, we will always need a capable team of core developers on hand to ensure we are able to maintain the Saturn Network correctly.

Liquidity for trading bots

We are currently raising money via a strategic investor program and on May 1st via ICO. Most of the funds raised will go towards filling up the exchange with liquidity via market making bots and arbitrage bots (to trade against other DEXes).

The good thing about DEXs compared to traditional exchanges, in this regard, is that they can all coexist and exchange liquidity among each other (because there are no withdraw/deposit limits). So the more DEXs there are the more liquidity in the market overall. The customers can then simply choose based on convenience and levels of security and privacy. Prices should be more or less the same on all platforms as the industry matures.

Centralized exchanges, in order to bootstrap, are typically "painting the tape". You really cannot take their trade volume numbers and expect them to be true (except for those that legally have to, such as GDAX and Gemini). Most DEXes are trivially auditable (thanks to blockchain recording all trades).

Fundraising goal

As per our breakdown above 1675 ETH is our fundraising goal, this will allow us to bring our mission to life and remodel the world of cryptocurrency trading towards a much needed decentralized future.

Help us accelerate this crowdfunding effort and reach our target by participating in our strategic investor program today.

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