Understanding The Trustless Nature Of Saturn DAO

Let's discuss why everything the Saturn Network do is trustless and clear up any confusion about the Saturn DAO...

Understanding The Trustless Nature Of Saturn DAO

This past week has been a very exciting one for our team, we have seen interest in our project grow tenfold. The word of our vision for a greater cryptocurrency future continues to spread around the internet - around the globe. Cemented by the fact that we have not just appeared in the limelight by throwing up buzzwords or singing on a stage.

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Since day one, our supporters know, that we have preached that we want our technology and content to do the talking.

Our project is based on the trustless technology that the blockchain provides. We do not expect you to just take our word for the truth because that would not be trustless, would it? This week alone we released:

  • The source code for a smart contract for setting up your own time locked crowdsale, much the same way we intend to take investment for our ICO in May.
  • Educational content on how to run your own binance trading bots.

Let's look back even further, on December 8th, 2017, we invented a way to upgrade legacy ERC20 to ERC223 standard with one simple transaction. Then on December 14th, we launched Radex: the first zero fees decentralized exchange for Ethereum tokens.

Please show me how many upcoming ICO projects already operate a proof of concept that you can access because I simply just can't find them.

Saturn DAO is trustless decentralized blockchain technology

Yet after a week of speaking to various ICO tracking websites, it appears there is a lack of knowledge about what it means to be blockchain first by design. After explaining our concept and technology, even showing our working proof of concept Radex has over 600 transactions. I was met with various instances of Where is team page? and How can users invest if no team?

saturn network team photo, ethereum, radex, decentralized exchange dao

This was all just a ploy, an attempt to strong arm me into paying for their premium listing packages and rigged ratings. You know some of these unbiased "analysis" websites will let me submit my own rating for a fee?

One "ICO expert and investment consultant" was so confused he decided it would be easier just to count to three:
saturn network team photo, ethereum, radex, decentralized exchange dao

It became clear to me that many of these services would not recognize innovating blockchain technology if it hit them squarely in the face. To make a gaming analogy, they are solely pay2win games for casuals. And by that I mean for projects that do not have any technology under their hood. Anyone can write a whitepaper and post their photo - how many teams actually have a documented past of releasing results?

As I already outlined above, the Saturn Network is not a team of casuals - we release first and boast later.

How is Saturn DAO trustless?

A decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) is one that is run and governed by rules that are coded much like a computer program but are called smart contracts. And who ensures that the smart contracts are followed? In Saturn DAO's case, that would be the Ethereum blockchain. This is why we are stateless and not registered anywhere in a traditional sense. We like to say our legal jurisdiction is the Ethereum blockchain itself because there is not a single centralized component in our whole architecture.

Why this approach? Because a DAO is completely transparent, provides complete control to its token holders, provides an unprecedented amount of flexibility and most of all is an autonomous governance. It is the only way you can invest in a project in a trustless way. A DAO is uncensorable and unstoppable, just think has anyone shut down the blockchain?

Sure you could invest in the next cool ICO that claims it will solve public transport with limitless bus rides. They have a load of pretty faces on their team page, and you want to ride the bus for free, but at end of the day when they disappear and turn off their website - you are just sitting there with a load of useless bus tokens.

This is not a possibility for the Saturn Network

The Saturn DAO cannot get up and go anywhere, it can't be switched off & it can't be abandoned because every participant is part of the team. Bitcoin has never registered anywhere and it is working long after Satoshi disappeared. We have the same vision for the Saturn DAO, that it will continue to function even if the founders were to die.

Why have SATURN tokens then?

Most ICO projects that you see being promoted are just a token replacing a traditional centralized business, how will they make the future of finance any fairer for you? You are just being provided with a token that you may be able to use at a later date to purchase a service. When we look at cryptocurrency we do not see it as just a tool that can slot into the existing economic world, no this is our chance to change what is the very idea of an economic organization.

When you invest in the Saturn Network we are providing you with a token that has a long-term future use. The SATURN token lets you participate and start votes, which are enforced by the Saturn DAO.

  • You could change the default exchange fees.
  • Or decide to list new tokens.
  • Make a protocol change to stay competitive.
  • Payout dividends to SATURN token holders.
  • Invest in an ICO together.

It is important to understand that these votes are not just feedback reports, the founders will vote in the exact same way as token holders. Everyone is equal and everything is transparent via the blockchain.

You can join Saturn DAO today via our MultiChain HODL dApp:


A vote that goes through the Saturn DAO will be enforced by the blockchain, which means that your tokens give you a real voice. It means that we will all be working together on the Saturn Network team!

We're all working together; that's the secret. - Sam Walton

Welcome to Saturn Network. Welcome to the team!

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