Saturn Network Website Is Live

Announcement! Saturn Network website is now live, here you will find our pre sale & ICO details. A whole wealth of information about the future of our project.

Saturn Network Website Is Live

Update 07/11/2018: The information you find below is now outdated and no longer relevant, we are preserving and keeping it live for historical purposes! For a more up to date look at our project which now features a decentralized exchange that supports wallet to wallet trades in one transactions, please check out our main website.

Hello Everyone!

Just wanted to let you know that the Saturn Network website has now been launched. Please give it a visit and let us know what you think - we always love feedback!

On our project's website, you will find a detailed breakdown of what we have set out to accomplish with the Saturn Protocol and how we believe decentralized exchanges are the future. As you know, we want you to be an essential part of how our mission unfolds and that is why we are building the Saturn DAO.

You will also find out about a whole array of future services that will be available for users. We want to innovate the cryptocurrency world and provide the necessary tools for global cryptocurrency adoption, services such as:

  • Trading bots - price stability
  • Saturn Commerce - merchant payment processor
  • Fund Management - safe & secure via smart contracts
  • Decentralized Exchange Traded Funds - invest in multiple

And of course we are always promoting our proof of concept: Radex, the first zero fees decentralized exchange for trading ethereum tokens.

Pre sale & ICO Details

I am sure you do not want to miss any updates regarding our pre sale and upcoming ICO in May. On our website, you will find a form to enter your email. This will give you priority for all our crowdsale updates.

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Do not worry, we will be in touch with you very shortly via email.

Thanks again for your support! Please come follow our social media accounts twitter & facebook, come chat in our telegram.

Every new member that joins our community, lights a fire in our mind to keep pushing. We are now more motivated than ever to make our vision become a reality. The cryptocurrency future that we see is one that is built for you. A fair and equal decentralized platform that does not manipulate its traders.

We know this is a goal that we all share & that only together can we be sure to accomplish it.

The future is bright, and you can be an essential part of the team that makes it happen.

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