Saturn on The Ethereum Classic Show and a new iNTRO video

Recently we have been featured on a couple of Ethereum Classic podcasts and iNTROKING has produced a new intro video for us. Check it out!

Saturn on The Ethereum Classic Show and a new iNTRO video

Hello everyone!

Just wanted to quickly highlight some of the new video content that has been published featuring Saturn Network.

I recently did an interview with Dean Pappas from ETC Labs which you can watch below on their Youtube channel:

The Ethereum Classic Show Hosted by Dean Pappas #16

I now realize my laptop's in-built microphone is not very good at all, so will be sure to not use it in the future - sorry for that! Pappas also recommended that any Saturn community members interested in discussing ETC proposals do join Ethereum Classic's discord and make their opinions known. There are quite a few ECIPs being discussed at the moment around potential hardforks, so the more discussion the better.

We also have a new intro video produced by iNTROKING, which is really easy to watch and highlights all our key features. Overall an amazing job and I believe it is a great video to share on as many platforms as possible.

Saturn Network Overview by iNTROKING, nO iNTRO, nO Future!

And also last week I was a guest on Let's Talk ETC! which is a podcast hosted by Chris Seberino in partnership with IOHK.

Le's Talk ETC! #80

It is very nice to have some new video content, I know many of you have been asking for more on that front. If anyone is hosting a podcast or cryptocurrency show, feel free to reach out more than happy to be a guest anytime. Always ready to talk about what Saturn Network, decentralized exchanges or other independent projects being developed on Ethereum Classic.

Future is bright!

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