Saturn Protocol Open Sourced and Verified

The order book contracts that power Saturn Protocol are now published open source and verified. We are now an open exchange protocol!

Saturn Protocol Open Sourced and Verified

Happy to announce that we are now an open exchange protocol. We have published the smart contract code that powers token trading via Saturn Protocol on our Github account. We have also verified our deployed order book contract on EtherScan.

Improved Transparency

Saturn Network is now as transparent as it can get, being open source and verified, along with our Saturn API - anyone can verify exactly how our exchange protocol functions at any level. It is also an important step to growing our exchange's awareness and finding a bigger audience, as we now have the possibility of being tracked by EtherScan's DEX Tracker. We have submitted our request, and their support team has confirmed we are in the queue.

Numbers Continue To Rise

Our daily amount of users and completed trades continues to go up without showing any signs of stopping - just recently on February 18th we had 263 users interact with our protocol on Ethereum.

Ethereum Volume and Users (source:

A very positive sign that with the upcoming release of Atomic Arbitrage our volume will catapult as it becomes more attractive to trade a wider selection of tokens via Saturn Protocol.

Future is bright!

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