Saturn Rewards: How it works?

Buy SATURN and STRN tokens to invest in ETH, ETC decentralized exchange. Use our new reward system to earn on referrals to our Saturn HODL program

Saturn Rewards: How it works?

Our latest Saturn HODL program has introduced two new features: Saturn Rewards and a decentralized referral program. Saturn Rewards is an additional bonus you can receive when participating in our strategic investment programs.

There are four reward levels: Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum.

Saturn Rewards Level

You can easily check the your current Saturn Rewards level in the My HODL section. In this section you will also find your unique referral link to share, Ether invested by your referrals counts towards your Rewards level and also earns you 1% SATURN or STRN back on their investment.

How to rank up your reward level?

ETC Invested Reward Level ETH Invested Reward Level

Saturn Reward levels are calculated based on two factors:

  1. Your total investment in Saturn Network, we take into account your previous investments in our fundraising sessions.
  2. How much was invested by your referrals.
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Two types of bonus

Our SATURN and STRN investment program now includes two types of bonus that stack with each other: HODL bonus and Reward bonus. The longer you HODL, the bigger the bonus. The higher your rewards level, the bigger the bonus.

  • Base price: 1 STRN = 0.0002 ETC, 1 SATURN = 0.00001 ETH
  • Available HODL Bonus:
Hodl Duration HODL Bonus
Instant x1.1
2 months x1.3
4 months x1.5
8 months x2
  • Available Reward Bonus:
Reward Level Reward Bonus
Bronze x1.1
Silver x1.3
Gold x1.5
Platinum x2

If you are new to trading on Saturn Exchange, we recommend reading through our vision of Saturn Ecosystem learn about the benefits of holding Saturn tokens.

Saturn Ecosystem: How it works?
Here we breakdown our vision for Saturn Protocol and Saturn DAO. How Saturn Ecosystem works, how it will scale and grow. And we reveal several upcoming new features!

What will raised funds be spent on

The HODL 2020 Investment program will help us fund the work on the Fenrir Stage of our roadmap. It includes:

  • Saturn wallet improvements: Facilitate integration with services such as LocalEthereum, add hardware wallet support, make it easier for dev team to add new chains in the future.
  • Atomic Arbitrage:
Liquidity for all ETH tokens thanks to Atomic Arbitrage
We are happy to report successful testing of our prototype for atomic arbitrage and would like to announce an IDEO to support this features development.
  • Ethereum Dev Kit:
Ethereum dApp Development Framework
Team Saturn is about to unleash #defi and smart contract explosion on EVM chains such as Ethereum, Ethereum Classic. Join the Winning Team!
  • Saturn Services:
Crypto Business, Portfolio, Trading Services | Saturn Network
Here we outline our plan of launching several services that will complement our exchange by bringing in a massive amount of liquidity.

Happy HODL!

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