Saturn Rings: Incentivized mirrors for Saturn Protocol

Saturn Rings is a new feature that will enable an incentivized way of launching mirrors for Saturn Protocol v2. A decentralized affiliate model of launching an exchange or just one market.

Saturn Rings: Incentivized mirrors for Saturn Protocol

The vast majority of cryptocurrency projects suffer from the tragedy of the commons when it comes to running full nodes. If everybody thinks that somebody will do it, in practice nobody will do it. Even large projects such as Ethereum suffer from this problem, as most full nodes are either owned by large miners or by Infura, for which the project is regularly criticized.

Saturn Protocol in this regard is no different. Despite the core exchange engine being implemented on-chain and requiring no maintenance costs, the user interface and statistics API aspects still need to be hosted on servers, or full nodes, which require ongoing maintenance costs.

Saturn Rings is our solution for the tragedy of the commons problem. By packaging the full node software in a bundle with Saturn Instant Swaps widgets, Cross Chain Atomic Swaps, and atomic arbitrage bots, full node servers will be able to earn money by providing financial services to their users via Saturn Protocol. This way, Saturn Rings get fairly compensated for the traffic that they bring to trade on the protocol. This is a fair and transparent way to become a decentralized affiliate of Saturn Protocol.

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This will positively contribute to the growth of Saturn Protocol usage, as more exchange mirrors with alternative user interfaces will bring in more users and more listed tokens. We are excited to see what the community will come up with, but here are a couple ideas that we envision:

  • Localized international mirrors, translated to users' native language.
  • Professional user interfaces that look like Binance or Coinbase trading terminals and have technical analysis capabilities built-in.
  • Niche mirrors that project teams can embed on their websites, bringing decentralized trading straight to their users without having to leave the page.
  • Mirrors that utilize unconventional, but more censorship resistant infrastructure, such as TOR, i2p (used by Monero network), IPFS / Filecoin, Sia Skynet and other decentralized hosting solutions.
  • Maybe a skilled Microsoft (dotnet) developer from our community will write their Ring in Saturn Framework.

Perhaps some of these ideas may receive funding from the DAO itself!

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Last but not least, a large number of independent mirrors will greatly contribute to uncensorability - a core goal of Saturn Protocol. Now, if a website is under attack (either by hackers trying to DDOS the system, or by an oppressive government banning access to a given website), trading will continue on other mirrors, as they all share the same liquidity pool.

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Future is bright!

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