Saturn Wallet adds support for TomoChain (TOMO)

TomoChain is an EVM compatible smart contract blockchain, now supported by Saturn Wallet. Here we provide TOMO Price review, key features, investor review and best wallet.

Saturn Wallet adds support for TomoChain (TOMO)

All Saturn Wallet users can now safely receive, send, store and stake their TOMO Coin and manage their TRC tokens easily from their favourite multi coin cryptocurrency wallet and dApp browser. You will find the new asset available from the network dropdown at the top left.

TomoChain Mainnet

A perfect time to expand our existing TomoChain cryptocurrency review, dive into their ecosystem and look at everything they have to offer from investment to dapps to wallet choices.

TomoChain Ecosystem Overview

  1. Introduction to TomoChain: what is TOMO?
  2. Investor Review (TOMO Price Analysis)
  3. Investment Ecosystem (Compared to other PoS chains)
  4. TomoChain Dapps Overview
  5. Best TOMO Dapp Wallets
  6. Install Saturn Wallet

What is TomoChain?

TomoChain is a high performance EVM smart contract compatible blockchain. It has developed many innovations in the spectrum of on-chain governance and uses the best ideas from other ecosystems to make its own protocol stronger, such as masternodes, staking, gasless transactions, dapps, and on-chain DEX liquidity.

For those of you who have not heard about TomoChain and what's going on in that ecosystem, this article provides a broad overview of its offerings.

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Investor Review

Key Metrics

Price Analysis TOMO/USDT

While historically TOMO is up 59.42%, it has recently reached all time high price levels and seems to be cooling off. Bollinger Bands suggest that TOMO price is at crossroads, with very high uncertainty. RSI suggests that the token was previously overbought and it is trending towards the oversold area, meaning you will have a good opportunity to enter the market if you so wish soon. Moving Average CrossOver indicator shows that long term trend for TOMO is long, meaning price is likely to increase within this month.

Fundamentally, we think that while it may be too early to talk about TOMO in the context of top-10 cryptos of all time, TomoChain definitely deserves to be in the top 50 of CoinMarketCap given the clear focus of their dev and executive team. In a short period of time TomoChain has developed highly usable and fast technology with amazing dapps and open community, almost putting TRON and Justin Sun to shame.

If TOMO does get to top 50, its market cap should be around $125M USD instead of current $25M USD. This means that in our opinion TOMO is significantly underpriced by the market and may be the best steal of 2019 at current valuation, with potential to bring 500% ROI.

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Investment Ecosystem

TomoChain Investor ROI vs other proof-of-stake chains

Masternodes (TomoMaster)

Masternodes are core to TomoChain's consensus protocol, and are the main reason behind this blockchain's high performance. Conceptually, what DASH is to Bitcoin, TomoChain is to Ethereum. The core idea is that specialization makes processes more efficient. Instead of making your own shoes, you buy them from NIKE. Instead of making your own smartphones, you buy one from Apple or Samsung. Similarly, instead of maintaining full nodes and relaying transactions, you rely on high performance masternodes to efficiently process them.

In TomoChain protocol, there can only be 150 masternodes, and each has an equal opportunity to package transactions in a block and relay them. In order to propose your candidacy to become a masternode, you need to buy 50,000 TOMO. Then you need to explain why your masternode deserves to be one of the 150 that secure the network - maybe you're doing some important community work, or perhaps you own a very secure data center and know how to operate high performance server farms.

Owning a masternode is basically mining TOMO. According to TomoChain's collected statistics, masternode owners can earn up to 34% annual ROI.


Since running a masternode is so lucrative but there are only 150 slots, TomoChain implements on-chain governance via staking. Regular users of TomoChain can stake their TOMO with the masternode they like and vote for it.

Stake with a masternode

In return for locking up their TOMO and helping the chain govern itself, the users are compensated by the protocol. According to TomoChain's collected statistics, TOMO stakers can earn up to 11% annual ROI.

TomoChain Dapps


TomoScan is TomoChain's block explorer. it provides standard features, such as transaction overview, smart contract verification, balance checks, along with Tomo's specific additions, such as overview of masternodes and TRC21 tokens.


TomoMaster is a fantastically designed dapp that is core to TomoChain's consensus protocol. It demonstrates how with proper focus from development team, even the most complex technologies can become very accessible.

Screenshot from TomoMaster

While some chains, such as EOS and Tezos, are in the top-20 rank and launch without a wallet that people could use, TomoChain has developed an extremely user friendly dapp for becoming a masternode and voting for other masternodes. Very good work, and great inspiration for dapp developers!

Saturn Wallet users will be pleased to know that starting with version 2.1.0 TomoMaster is fully compatible with our wallet. Simply visit the dapp website, click login in the top right hand corner, click Login and select Metamask/Trust/Midas option.

Token Issuance Platform (TomoZ)

One of the key usability innovations of TomoChain is the TomoZ token issuance platform that works with TRC20 and TRC21 token standards. TRC20 is simply ERC20 standard running on TomoChain. TRC21, however, is a nice innovation.

Typically, on Ethereum and Ethereum Classic you need to have not only the token you like, such as STRN or DAI, but also some native currency to pay so-called gas fee. TRC21 simplifies this for end users, allowing users to pay transaction fees with the same token. On the back end of things, the tokens are sold for TOMO through the integrated TomoX DEX protocol, so the masternodes get compensated for their service. This way, token usage directly translates into observable market activity.

We think this is the way of the future, and we will be looking at ways to bring this innovative technology to other chains via our Dapp Dev Kit.

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On-chain DEX protocol (TomoX)

Understanding early that the future is multi-chain and multi-token, TomoChain has built a high performance DEX right into the core blockchain protocol. Not only does it power the TRC21 token standard, but it also comes with relayer node monetization, a decentralized order book and easy installation. We expect TomoX to be widely successful in the near future, and we support trading on it via Saturn Wallet.

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Architecturally, TomoX sits somewhere between 0x and Saturn Protocol in decentralization spectrum. From usability perspective, we expect market makers and professional trading shops to be trading tokens on TomoX, while regular users will access TomoX liquidity via Saturn Protocol thanks to Atomic Arbitrage technology integrated straight into Saturn Wallet.

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Best TOMO Dapp Wallets

The future belongs to wallets that let investors access multiple chains all in one place. We have picked the best wallet for you to use on the go, as well as the best wallet for serious desktop users and developers.

Mobile - Trust Wallet

Best choice for busy people and those who like to use crypto on the go. Trust wallet has long been our favorite mobile dapp browser. Owned by Binance, Trust Wallet has no shortage of resources to support a vibrant collection of dapp blockchains, and their wallet makes sure that their users can enjoy using dapps on the go.

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Desktop - Saturn Wallet

Best choice for dapp developers and users alike. Developers will enjoy the integrated TomoChain testnet, and ability to develop dapps using our Dapp Dev Kit with ability to instantly test their creations.

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Users will enjoy familiar and secure interface, compatibility with TomoScan blockchain explorer, as well as support for all TomoChain dapps, including TomoMaster and TomoDEX.

Saturn Wallet
Saturn Wallet is a fully functional wallet for Ethereum and Ethereum Classic that enables you to access and interact with dApps across both blockchains.

Future is bright!

Invest in Saturn Network

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