Saturn Wallet Custom RPC endpoint

Saturn Wallet v2.1 introduced Custom RPC Endpoints

Since version 2.1.0 Saturn Wallet supports Custom RPC Endpoints, which means if you prefer to use your own private full node when submitting transactions to any of our supported networks: Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, TomoChain, xDai Chain, POA Network or RSK you can easily set it up with your node's RPC URL.

Saturn Wallet
Saturn Wallet is a fully functional wallet for Ethereum and Ethereum Classic that enables you to access and interact with dApps across both blockchains.

Along with our developer's mode to enable testnets, Saturn Wallet is now an ideal tool for developers building new dapps on any blockchain and will ensure our development kit can enable development across any EVM blockchain.

Saturn Wallet Developer Mode
Saturn Wallet guide. Learn how to activate developer mode and access blockchain testnets.
Ethereum dApp Development Framework
Team Saturn is about to unleash #defi and smart contract explosion on EVM chains such as Ethereum, Ethereum Classic. Join the Winning Team!

Perfect for Dapp Developers

This is also a vitally important piece of functionality for dapp developers, who can now point Saturn Wallet at locally running blockchain node when they develop user interfaces for dapps, making it the best wallet choice for developers - and we hope that satisfied devs will recommend our wallet to their users.

To use this feature all you need to do is set the URL in the settings and click save. As per the screenshot below.

Saturn Wallet Custom RPC Endpoint

These are all tools that Team Saturn has been using to successfully build the most succesful dapps on Ethereum Classic while also supporting independent developers launch their own projects.

Saturn dApps are Number One on Ethereum Classic
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