Saturn Wallet Developer Mode

Once you enable Developer Mode under the settings tab, you will be able to connect to the following testnests: Goerli, Kotti, Kovan, Sokol, Rinkeby and Ropsten. Along with the the RSK and TomoChain testnets also.

Developer Mode Interface

Saturn Wallet: Developer Mode

Don't worry if you have no wish to interact with testnets, simply keep developer mode disabled and all of these networks will be hidden from view. Much less confusing if you want your Saturn Wallet's UI to remain focused on being used to trade tokens or interact with dapps across Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, TomoChain, xDai Chain, POA Network or RSK.

Saturn Wallet Custom RPC endpoint
Saturn Wallet guide. How to use Saturn Wallet with your full node or local testnet via Custom RPC support.
Saturn Wallet
Saturn Wallet is a fully functional wallet for Ethereum and Ethereum Classic that enables you to access and interact with dApps across both blockchains.

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