Saturn Wallet - Send Custom Tokens

You can now send custom Ethereum Classic or Ethereum tokens via Saturn Wallet! Let's have a look how it works.

Saturn Wallet - Send Custom Tokens

We are very happy to announce that with the latest Saturn Wallet update, you can now send custom tokens! You now no longer need to connect to MEW or CEW to send your custom Ethereum or Ethereum Classic tokens. Please check your extension manager and ensure you have updated to version 1.0.8, and you can check the full changelog here.

Here is how it looks:

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You can find the new Send button for custom tokens, by clicking on the token on your custom tokens list. To accurately display your balance you will also see that Saturn Wallet now displays up to 18 decimals, whereas, before it was only showing 3 decimals.

Saturn Wallet, Ethereum and Ethereum Classic support, send tokens saturn wallet, saturn network wallet, radex dex wallet

As per the screenshot above, if you hover your mouse over your custom token balance, the precise total will now be displayed.

How can your token be pre-listed and logo displayed?

Users can add any custom token to their wallet very easily with the token's contract address, we do also try to pre-list tokens that are tradable on Saturn Network. As you can see in the current interface, this will display the token's logo, link the project's website and their orderbook on our exchange.

Remember our exchange is censorship free and allows token self-listing, please follow the process outlined here to list your tokens.

Upcoming features?

We are actively working on further Saturn Wallet features and updates, notably, we will be implementing an ETC dApp list, cross-browser support and also a friends list.

ETC dApp list

Whereas on Ethereum we have services like State of the dApps to quickly browse and find favourite games or other services, on Ethereum Classic there is no such service. Of course, this comes from the fact there are notably fewer dApps existing on Ethereum Classic's network. A dApp list that is integrated into Saturn Wallet will solve this problem and will help developers ensure their dApps will be noticed and easily found by ETC's community. You can expect to see our ETC dApp list in the next release, if you are interested in your dApp being displayed, please follow the process found here.

Cross-browser support

Currently, our users can access Saturn Wallet on Chrome, Chromium, and Vivaldi. We would like to offer further browser support such as Firefox, Opera and Edge. This is a great way for us to reach a wider audience, which will, in turn, mean more users learning about Saturn Network and what we are building. Rest assured we have heard our community members asking for Firefox support & this is definitely in the works!

Friends list

We want to help make crypto payments easier, if you are continually sending a payment for the same service or just to the same person then it just makes sense to be able to save the wallet address as a favourite contact. This way you don't have to keep double checking and making sure you definitely put in the correct address, simply select the saved contact from your friend's list and send the payment. Peace of mind!

I hope you have been enjoying Saturn Wallet so far and looking forward to future updates, If you have any feedback or suggestions, please come and post in our forum.

Future is bright!

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