Saturn Wallet v2.0.0 Released

Saturn Wallet is now back on Chrome Web Store, and our new release supports connecting your Ledger or Trezor hardware wallet. Also a beautiful new theme!

Saturn Wallet v2.0.0 Released

We have finished work on Saturn Wallet v2.0.0, you should find our extension updating in your Chrome and Firefox browsers shortly. The main purpose of this release was to return Saturn Wallet to Chrome Web Store, and also add hardware wallet support.

Happy to report that both of our goals have been achieved! Along with a beautiful new theme for you to enjoy.

Saturn Wallet v2.0.0 - Updated UI

Here are some of the update's highlights:

  • Saturn Wallet is back on Chrome store.
  • New updated theme to match nicely with our exchange's interface.
  • New unique identicons generated using Hashicon.
  • Set your own preferred currency conversion.
  • Connect your Ledger or Trezor hardware wallet.

Hope you enjoy this update, if you want to read through the full changelog, you can find it published on our forum. Feedback is always more than welcome.

Saturn Wallet v1.0.17 - v2.0.0 changelog
Saturn Wallet v1.0.18: Added support for dApp developers to detect Saturn Wallet as a unique wallet ( web3.currentProvider.isSaturnWallet ) Saturn Wallet v1.0.19: Did not exist, we went straight to v2.0.0! Saturn Wallet v2.0.0: Saturn Wallet back on Chrome Web Store. New theme to reflect our…

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