Saturn Wallet

Saturn Wallet is a fully functional cryptocurrency wallet that allows you to discover and interact with dApps on Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, POA, xDAI, RSK and TomoChain.


We have developed Saturn Wallet as a browser extension which is compatible with many popular browsers such as Firefox, Chrome, Brave and more. This allows you to install and set up your entry to the Saturn Ecosystem within a matter of minutes, and don’t worry if you already have a preferred dApp browser as you can easily import your existing accounts.

Login Page

Using Saturn Wallet lets you swap between both networks in just one click, ensuring that you can safely manage all your wallets across both blockchains with just one tool. You can use it to send or receive coin such as ETH, ETC, TOMO, POA or xDAI. It also provides full support to manage your custom ERC20 or ERC223 token balances.

Multiple Chain Support

Saturn Wallet has been developed hand in hand with our exchange to provide you with the best possible trading experience on our exchange. As a result, you will find many unique features such as automatically populating your wallet’s custom token balance and links to open a token’s order book on our platform.

Saturn Wallet User Manual
Find all our tutorials on how to install our dApp browser and crypto wallet usage guides. Learn how to upload your token’s logo or list your dApp.

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