Saturn Widgets Creating Further Decentralization

We now have various DEX mirrors up and running for accessing token markets, all powered by Saturn Protocol. Very positive reaction by DAO members to support Saturn Protocol embrace further decentralization.

Saturn Widgets Creating Further Decentralization

Just 14 days since we released Saturn Widgets, we now have various different mirrors live providing traders with different access points for interacting with Ethereum and Ethereum Classic token markets. The community reacted very positively to support further decentralization of Saturn Protocol. In fact, the first mirror for trading FWT/ETC was up and running within 24 hours of the release.

List of mirrors

Team Saturn has always cared about decentralization, security and accessibility. This is why we have released an open-source interface component for Saturn Protocol, that the community and project leaders (anyone!) can directly run, verify and build upon.

How to launch your DEX mirror?

The rewards program for setting up mirrors still has bounties available to be claimed on Ethereum and Ethereum Classic. There is no end date on this program, so first come first serve! If you would like to join the program, you can find everything you need to build and launch your own mirror within minutes below.


Discord Chat Group

Another positive is our discord group is becoming more lively. This week there have been several conversations from Saturn DAO members discussing best practices for widget deployment and blockchain development. Great to see that community members are available and ready to help each other out. We have decided to promote our discord group as an official place for community discussion, as you have probably already noticed we now display banners promoting users to join on the exchange's landing page.

The main reasoning behind this decision is that discord is better suited for managing multiple discussions around various topics, given the channels feature. Channels can be created to cater to the specific needs of different community groups: ecoystem proposals, SATURN holders, STRN holders, traders, project leaders, and developers. This ensures that important governance conversations will not be missed, which we believe will become very important with the launch of SaturnDAO. And as always, if chat groups are not for you, then we have our forum where you can open any discussion.

What is next?

Another step further for decentralization would be to deploy a Saturn Widget on IPFS (interPlanetary File System), meaning that the community would have an inferface mirror that would remain accessible forever. This would be a great submission for the upcoming Saturn Hackathon, which we will be announcing the details early next week. Saturn Hackathon will aim to boost development of new applications that interact with the ecosystem, or innovate any of the existing open source components we have released.

Future is bright!

New to Saturn Network?

Read more about Saturn Protocol V2 below, our planned exchange protocol upgrade that will bring token to token pairs, automatic market making, DAO activation for community governance, dividends payments and much more!

Saturn Protocol v2
Saturn Network plans major exchange protocol updates to improve overall liquidity and dapp interoperability on Ethereum and Ethereum Classic.

Find Team Saturn on Twitter, chat on discord, and join the community forum to suggest new features and engage with other Saturn DAO members.