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Saturn Widget

Launch your own marketplace with your branding within minutes. Saturn Widget allows you to deploy an alternative mirror for any token market listed on Saturn Protocol. It is fully featured out of the box allowing every trade operation to happen directly on your own website while remaining lightweight and secure as all the heavy lifting is powered by Saturn Protocol.

Mirror of Saturn Protocol UI for any token! Contribute to saturn-network/ring-simple development by creating an account on GitHub.

If your token is not yet listed on the platform, do not worry, Saturn Protocol supports automated and free token self listing. Just follow our guide below to create an order book for your token before setting up a mirror.

Token Self Listing Guide | Free Cryptocurrency Exchange Listing
Saturn Protocol supports automated token self listing for any asset on Ethereum or Ethereum Classic following ERC20 or ERC223 standard. This guides teaches you how to list your token.

Key Features

✔️ Secure, 100% open source and free to use.
✔️ Fully featured out of the box.
✔️ Highly customizable, apply your own branding.
✔️ Flexible to fit your needs, enable leaderboards for a trading competition.
✔️ Follow our installation guide to deploy within minutes.
✔️ Lightweight, can be deployed and accessed from anywhere.
✔️ Support for Ethereum and Ethereum Classic network.
✔️ Compatible with ERC20 and ERC223 tokens.

You can find everything you need to deploy an alternative mirror for your market published on our Github, if you need help or have any queries feel free to join our forum or discord to chat.

Rewards for Mirrors

This reward is applicable for Ethereum and Ethereum Classic, meaning we will reward 20 token / website owners in total (10 on ETH and 10 on ETC).

  1. First 10 projects to deploy and publish a mirror on a custom domain.
  2. Post the link to your mirror in the submission thread on our forum.
  3. Receive 100k Saturn tokens as reward.

As a result 1M SATURN and 1M STRN tokens have been allocated towards this rewards program, as we believe further decentralization is key for Saturn Network's future growth.

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