Saturn added to Atomic Orders and listed on Uniswap

You can now mint Saturn20 via our open source converter dapp to trade via Atomic Orders or pool liquidity on Uniswap.

Saturn added to Atomic Orders and listed on Uniswap

You can now access and use our Saturn Token Converter Dapp. This Dapp allows you to interact with our new ERC20 Wrapper Contract and mint Saturn20 tokens. You can use it with any cryptocurrency Dapp browser such as Saturn Wallet, Trust, MetaMask or Enjin.

Saturn20 Token Details

Below you can find the on chain details for the wrapped Saturn DAO Token.

Remember Saturn20 does not change our token emission, total supply or circulating supply. As Saturn20 tokens can only be minted by providing the ERC223 token as collateral.

  • When you mint new Saturn20 tokens your ERC223 tokens are locked up as collateral in the wrapper contract, effectively, taken out of circulation.
  • When you burn Saturn20 tokens they are destroyed. Only then is the locked up collateral (the ERC223 token) returned.
  • You can compare it to how certain DEXs need you to wrap ETH to trade (WETH).

Saturn20 Atomic Orders

You will also find SATURN is now listed as a token on atomic orders, note this is the wrapped Saturn20 token. It means you can now exchange Saturn tokens instantly or create an atomic order powered by Saturn Protocol.

Uniswap Listing

As announced we are planning to use Saturn20 to open up new markets for trading Saturn DAO Tokens, as it is compatible with other DEXs. We have started by creating an exchange on Uniswap. This will help us reach a wider audience of traders, and also provide a more positive outlook for current and future token holders. It also means you have a very easy automated way to start market making SATURN by adding liquidity to our pool.

How to mint Saturn20 and Add Liquidity on Uniswap
Here we will walk you through minting Saturn20 tokens and how you can start collecting fees by adding liquidity to Uniswap.

Note that currently SATURN is not available via searching on Uniswap's frontend, though we have made the request for this to happen. This means you should be vigilant and check the token's contract address is correct before entering any trades on the platform. To be on the safe side, you can always use our own instant swap to trade SATURN securely.

Uniswap-Logo-2 SATURN20
Uniswap Listing Saturn Listing

Happy trading!

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