Saturn20 Wrapper Dapp Released

Our ERC20 Wrapper Dapp has been published entirely open source as part of our Dapp Dev Kit. You can now use it to mint SATURN tokens that follow the ERC20 standard using your ERC223 tokens as collateral.

Saturn20 Wrapper Dapp Released

As per our recent blog article, we have developed an ERC20 Wrapper contract for Saturn DAO Token. This will allow SATURN to be tradable on various decentralized exchanges that do not support the ERC223 token standard.

Announcing Saturn20 Wrapper
A new Dapp will soon allow you to mint and burn Saturn20 tokens, using our ERC223 token as collateral. Enabling SATURN to be tradable on various DEXs, opening up new markets and further integration with DeFi!

The new Dapp for minting Saturn20 tokens (using the ERC223 token as collateral) and burning them to retrieve your ERC223 tokens has been developed entirely open source. You can find the wrapper contract, along with the frontend UI code, published on our Github account.

ERC20 wrapper for ERC223 tokens. Contribute to saturn-network/erc20wrapper development by creating an account on GitHub.

This release wraps up our Dapp Dev Kit, the source code provides an example interface that can be used for your own dapps. It shows you how you can connect your frontend interface to your smart contract, detect your user's cryptocurrency wallet and make sure they are connected to the correct network. We have also published steps you can follow to learn the following:

  • Build and test the smart contracts.
  • Deploy final contract to mainnet.
  • Production build of frontend and deploying to Github pages.

If you have any queries around our Saturn20 Wrapper implementation, please come and discuss on our forum.

When can I mint Saturn20?

Saturn20 has been deployed to mainnet, below you can find the on chain details for the wrapped Saturn DAO Token.

You will also find a new button in the My Account area of the website dashboards so that you can quickly open the token converter dapp.

Quick link in My Account section

The ticker symbol is the same to ensure price tracking websites and Apps treat it as the same token on our listing. We have slightly modified the token logo so that you can easily spot which token you have in your wallet.

Future is bright!

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