ScudoCash (SCUDO) Token Profile

What is ScudoCash? Learn more about SCUDO and their decentralized marketplace called BitBazar. Here you can find project and token details.

ScudoCash (SCUDO) Token Profile

ScudoCash is an ERC-20 token deployed on Ethereum, SCUDO is part of the BitBazar project which is a decentralized marketplace for buying and selling items peer to peer. Their goal is to create a safe and reliable crypto-based marketplace where users can buy and sell goods privately for multiple cryptocurrencies - one of them being ScudoCash.

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ScudoCash (SCUDO) Token Details

What is ScudoCash?

ScudoCash token has been created be used as a payment option on BitBazar, and also to fund the platform's development plans. They are aiming to provide a solution to one of the pressing issues with it comes to cryptocurrency: major vendors or merchants are very reluctant to accept crypto - so how can you buy goods with your Bitcoin?

Their decentralized marketplace is live and operational, allowing users to buy items with crypto via an escrow system easily. Much like how you can trade SCUDO/ETH on Saturn Network without needing to make a deposit or withdrawal, all you need is your favourite dApp browser cryptocurrency wallet.

The project is interesting as decentralized marketplaces allow peer-to-peer transactions without any greedy centralized authorities taking their fees, it is made possible because through the power of smart contracts we no longer need to trust third parties to verify and ensure payments are made. Scudo and BitBazar's objective is to become the easiest, fastest and most reliable crypto-based marketplace platform and as a result help with onboarding new people to crypto, speeding up global adoption of cryptocurrencies.

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