Token Self-listing Confirmed For Saturn Protocol Release

Token self-listing is a vital part of our vision for the future of decentralized crypto trading, and we are happy to confirm this feature for Saturn Protocol.

Token Self-listing Confirmed For Saturn Protocol Release

Update 03/11/2018: Token Self-listing is now live, you can follow the tutorial on our community forum.

The ability to self-list tokens on our exchange has always been a priority since we released our vision for the future of cryptocurrency trading, it is a feature that our team sees as being vital for changing the current landscape of crypto trading. Just ask yourself, can a free market truly be free if you can only trade assets that a third party allows you to?

As we have mentioned countless times before, today entrepreneurs and blockchain developers all face one common blockade when entering the industry: the greed and monopoly of current exchange platforms. Even if you are able to plan and execute a successful ICO, your project may still flounder when hit with the requirement of allocating most of your precious development funds away to listing fees.

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And this is not something that new projects are able to ignore: any type of investor wants to know that the token they are buying will at some point be tradable. It is that little voice of safety that validates your investment:

If I choose to, I will be able to sell these tokens.

We are happy to confirm that the ability to self-list tokens will be an included feature in our upcoming Saturn Protocol update. And to avoid any confusion or doubts about how this will work, we would like to reiterate that our architecture for a decentralized exchange is completely on chain and uncensorable.

What does this mean for our token self-listing procedure?

It means that any token on a chain supported by Saturn Protocol can be listed on our exchange, currently Ethereum and Ethereum Classic. There will never be a scenario where a token is delisted or refused because its use cases carry too much governmental red tape. Any ICO no matter what domain or industry they operate in, will be able to self-list their token on Saturn Protocol and give their community a place to trade safely wallet to wallet.

How will this look?

There will be no approval process or listing fee requirements, everything from our side will be automated, for a token to be successfully listed on our platform it just needs to correctly follow an ERC20 or ERC223 standard on creation. Really all that will be needed is the token's contract address.

Token to Token trading pairs will also be enabled

Once an ETH or ETC token is listed on our exchange, it does not mean it is only tradable against ETH or ETC. Our token self-listing method will also enable trading between token pairs themselves. Meaning you will be able to trade any ETH token against another ETH token or any ETC token against another ETC token. For example, on Ethereum Classic, you would be able to trade Saturn Classic for Bitcoin Classic or BitUnits.

Future is bright!

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