Sell BCH before it's too late

Still holding those BCH bags? Here is why you should double check whether this was your idea or somebody planted it in your head.

Sell BCH before it's too late

Bitcoin cash is no longer a decentralized currency, and is instead manipulated by a Chinese corporation.

What you need to know

1. Bitcoin Cash is a pro-miner fork of Bitcoin that was activated primarily by a company called Bitmain. Bitmain produces the best ASIC miners, and lots of them.

2. Allegedly, right before segwit activation proposal Bitmain came up with a new, hyper-profitable ASIC design, that's sadly not segwit compatible. So they had to mine something with the equipment they've manufactured in order to redeem the costs of producing all that equipment. Oh, and by the way this technology is patented, so Bitmain is the only entity that has access to cheap electricity, a lot of cash, and tons of ASICBoost chips.

3. Other critics have already voiced opinion that bitcoin cash could be a little bit too centralized. In fact, it's astonishing that bitmain does not identify themselves and just blend in with the "Other" group on the chart, while we all know what's going on.

4. Last 1,000 blocks have mostly been mined by "other" (70%). Last 144 blocks have an even higher centralization (91.5%). Which is understandable: Bitcoin is more profitable to mine than bitcoin cash, so everybody (except for bitmain) is leaving, thus increasing centralization further.

BCH mining distribution

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