Shared Decentralized Orderbook

Learn more about how Saturn Protocol is a shared decentralized orderbook and how this will create growth in the future.

Shared Decentralized Orderbook

Saturn Network has built our exchange to show you how accessing our shared order book will work, but we definitely do not see it as the only DEX or dApp that will do this.

The Saturn Protocol will be an opensource solution to help launch your own project. Why do I say solution? Because you will be able to use the protocol to access a shared liquidity pool.

In the scenario of building your own decentralized exchange, this means that unlike using other available platforms like forkforkyfork you will not be left out in the desert on your own, having to put together a big marketing campaign, attempting to convince traders that they need to be on your exchange.

From day one you can build your DEX or dApp, with the reassurance that when you launch you will be able to tap into a shared order book. Allowing your buy and sell orders to be completed, giving you an immediate trading volume.

How does this work?

Our protocol will function much the same way as Changelly or Shapeshift, finding the best price across all decentralized exchanges that operate on the deployed blockchain, suggesting that price to the trader and then performing Atomic Arbitrage to fill out buy or sell order.

What is the benefit? Why not just allow our exchange?

The more dApps that access Saturn Protocol will translate into more transactions, more collected fees and more dividends being paid out to token holders. This is why we believe in not only open-sourcing the code used to run our exchange and providing you with a forum where you can discuss and query it. But also the technology needed to integrate any dApp into accessing the protocol.

Why would we want different versions of Saturn Network?

Maybe you just do not like the GUI or would like to have the interface setup in your own language? Maybe you just want to turn a button pink. There are many reasons and we do not really see any negative ones. Also you can make an agrument that it helps us to become even more decentralized.

What about the fees collected for accessing the shared order book?

Our protocol is governed by a DAO that is accessible to everyone by buying SATURN tokens. This means that you can have voting power on how the protocol works for day to day operations. If you want to change the fees for using the shared liquidity pool, then you can start a vote for this to happen via the Saturn DAO. This ensures our protocol will always remain competitive and flexible, easily correcting its course if needed, no lengthy business meetings just a quick vote and a decision is made!

Ultimately this will allow our protocol to help all different types of crypto markets flourish and align with our goals of allowing an easier global adoption.

As you know I love to say it: the future is bright!

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Liquidity for all ETH tokens thanks to Atomic Arbitrage
We are happy to report successful testing of our prototype for atomic arbitrage and would like to announce an IDEO to support this features development.