Smart Contract Audit

We provide professional solidity smart contract audits by experienced developers and researchers. Our smart contract audit will include automatic and manual tests to ensure any potential security vulnerabilities are spotted before your code is deployed. Automatic audits have been custom crafted to find any commonly encountered security vulnerabilities and our manual tests will be able to outline efficiency, logical and optimization improvements.

A smart contract is the back-end system when it comes to building decentralized applications, which means if it has security vulnerabilities then your whole project is at risk.

Whether you’re a smart contract developer, an ICO owner or manager, a product owner of decentralized apps or anyone that needs the trust of their stakeholders we will be able to provide you with a smart contract audit that suits your needs. Furthermore, we are no strangers to providing detailed reports or meeting tight deadlines.

Yes, you can find a team of consultants who will perform a smart contract audit following all the internal methodology outlined in a Solidity handbook - but that is not what is being offered here.

Team Saturn analyses the smart contract’s functionality and performs all necessary checks to rule out every known vulnerability, something that can only be done by a team that has real-world experience of designing world-class smart contracts that see daily usage.

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Given all security audits are different in terms of complexity and your required due date, the cost will vary, please reach out to us at [email protected] for a consultation.