Spooky Season Airdrop Completed

Spooky Airdrop has now been completed, you should find your KLOWN2, SCUDO, POW, MIA and NTRO tokens available to claim if eligible. Happy Halloween!

Spooky Season Airdrop Completed

We have now completed distributing all the tokens involved in our Halloween promotion on Ethereum and Ethereum Classic, the Spooky Season Airdrop is a success! A big thanks to all the project involved: Ether Klown, Miasma, ScudoCash, eBOMB and NTRO. You may have guessed NTRO Token being our 👻 mysterious project 👻 of the promotion.

Learn about NTRO

In total this airdrop included 1419 wallet addresses which have all interacted with our platform in some way, via trading on our exchange or using our HODL dApp.

My Airdrops

If your wallet is eligible to receive this airdrop then you will find your KLOWN2, MIA, SCUDO, POW and NTRO tokens ready to be claimed in the My Airdrops page.

If you need any help on how to claim your Airdrop, you can find a guide published here.

How to claim your airdrop | Saturn Crypto Learning
How to claim your cryptocurrency airdrop on Saturn Network? Airdrop tools supports erc20, erc223, ETH, and ETC. Claim your tokens easily in one click.

Airdrop Tool v2 is coming

To support future Promotional Airdrops we will be upgrading our current Airdrop Tool to support sending tokens via batch during the setup stage. Currently, when you use our tool to create an airdrop it will send your tokens to our airdrop smart contract one transaction at a time to set up each eligible airdrop one at at time.

Batch Sending Example, click to view on block explorer

The next version will enable batch sending of the tokens allocated to your airdrop to our tool's smart contract. This feature will vastly reduce the network fees required to set up an airdrop as you submit less transactions, which in turn saves business owners on precious marketing and development funds. It is an upgrade which will be made possible thanks to our dApp developers kit.

Ethereum dApp Development Framework
Team Saturn is about to unleash #defi and smart contract explosion on EVM chains such as Ethereum, Ethereum Classic. Join the Winning Team!

By our estimates, once released, Airdrop Tool v2 will be forty times more Gas efficient - that means it is saving you 40x more money!

If you would like to discuss setting up your own promotional airdrop on our platform, please get in touch via request form and we will be in touch.

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Service for token airdrops, trading competitions, crypto press releases, cryptocurrency marketing, smart contract audits and custom token creation. Powered by Saturn Exchange.

Happy Halloween!

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