Strategic Investor Program is Open

Saturn Network pre-sale dApp is now live on our website, letting you join the Strategic Investor Program and purchase SATURN tokens ahead of our ICO in May.

Strategic Investor Program is Open

Click here to go straight to our HODL dApp

Hello Everyone!

A big moment today for Saturn Network as our strategic investor program is officially open, you can now access our investor program dApp via Radex. This allows you to purchase SATURN tokens while taking advantage of one of our three bonus plans.

  1. A 10% bonus with a 12 weeks lock-up.
  2. A 25% bonus with a 24 weeks lock-up.
  3. A 50% bonus with a 52 weeks lock-up.

By joining any of our bonus HODL plans, you will receive more SATURN than by participating in our main ICO, which in turn means you will receive bigger airdrops when we scale into Ethereum Classic or any other EVM blockchain as the airdrop formula is on a 1 to 1 basis. Please note to be eligible for our airdrop formula, you need to participate before we take a snapshot of the ETH chain on October 1st 2018, 00:01 UTC.

Also as a token holder, you will become part of the Saturn DAO immediately which allows you to receive dividends collected from exchange fees.

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It is important to note that we are not holding your tokens on Radex, so there is zero risk of them being hacked, the investment is taken via our dApp so any SATURN you buy will be safely held in a smart contract.

Remember there is only a limited amount of tokens available for our strategic investor bonus, and once they are gone that is it!

Guide To Joining Our Strategic Investor Program

Joining the Saturn DAO could not be easier following our dApp's interface, but if you come across any issues here is a handy video guide.

Remember that you will need to install Saturn Wallet, MetaMask, Cipher or TrustWallet to use our dApp - this is because they provide a much easier interface for signing smart contracts. If you access the page without a supported wallet you will see this message:
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We are using a smart contract for our crowdsale because this gives you a trustless way to invest, no need to fill in a KYC form or provide any details - the blockchain is accessible to everyone. A dApp makes the withdraw process extremely easy, you can redeem your tokens with just one click.

  1. Pick one of the supported wallets, we recommend MetaMask because it has various browser plugins, here is a guide for using it with Brave Browser. I am using MetaMask for this guide.

  2. Go to our ICO dApp page located on the exchange.

  3. Decide how much ETH you want to exchange and fill in the details, following our dApp's interface.
    metamask,radex,saturn network,blockchain,decentralized,safe,secure,crowdsale

  4. Once you click "Exchange & HODL" you will receive a MetaMask notification to sign the transaction, click "submit" if you are happy with the details.

  5. You will receive a confirmation page, that will summarize the transaction.

  6. All done, you can monitor all your transactions on the Redeem page. Once the release date is reached you will be able to click "Redeem" and will immediately receive your SATURN tokens in your wallet.

Welcome to the Saturn DAO! We have set up a forum topic here if you have any queries, please come and ask. Alternatively you can find me on our Telegram or feel free to email me directly at [email protected]

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Future is bright!