Strategic Investor Programs

Periodically we will announce investment sessions powered by our Multi Chain HODL dApp, these are known as strategic investor programs. We do not believe in simply trying to get rich off the back of our investors by raising millions USD in development funds by making false promises or underdelivering, as we see numerous dishonest crypto projects in our industry doing.

Every investment session will have pre-determined development milestones, which will have been set out and announced before the investment sessions start. These development releases will start to happen during the session’s token sale, allowing investors to see exactly what innovating features their funds are enabling on our platform.

Our strategic investor programs allow us to not only raise development funds, they also allow us to sell Saturn DAO ownership to interested parties. Furthermore, our HODL dApp allows us to include generous bonus plans for agreeing to a lock-up period which makes them the most attractive way to invest into Saturn Network.

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