Telegram AMA - Ask Us Anything

Team Saturn have scheduled their first live AMA in our telegram chat group on Sunday 10th February! Come ask us anything.

Telegram AMA - Ask Us Anything

We have scheduled a live AMA to take place in our telegram development group chat on Sunday 10th February which will start at 1 PM UTC and last 2 hours. This is a chance for you to ask Team Saturn any burning questions you may have about ANYTHING (though crypto related would be nice), so please come join us.

If you are not going to be able to make it, feel free to post any queries you would like to ask here on our forum & they will be answered also. Of course, we will publish the transcript of our first AMA on our blog so you will always be able to read it later.

It goes without saying that any questions that Saturn's development team deems too revealing in terms of staying anonymous will be ignored.

Team Saturn AMA

Hope to see you there!

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