The Final HODL: Prometheus

Saturn Investment Program launches the final HODL: Prometheus. Saturn Protocol v2 will bring DAO activation, profit sharing, automatic market making and much more.

The Final HODL: Prometheus

As we move from Fenrir to Prometheus, the last enlisted phase of our roadmap, Team Saturn launches the Final HODL. Funds raised from this token sale will go towards development of Saturn Protocol v2, as well as seeding it with initial liquidity via automatic market making to ensure the protocol upgrade is useful to traders from day one.

Saturn Protocol v2
Learn the key features of the Saturn Protocol v2 upgrade: token to token trading, automatic market making, DAO governance, regular dividend payouts and more.

The growth of our protocol in the last quarter demonstrates clear product market fit. Our investment into clean user interface, partnerships with aggregators like CoingGecko, Trust Wallet and Dappradar are paying off and we're seeing incredible results. In fact, it is safe to say that today, Saturn Network is the best platform to launch a new coin and show it to the world, and traders love using it.

Saturn Network Q1 2020 Review
Saturn Network presents its latest investor update, summarising our Q1 2020 performance - which has seen a massive increase in protocol usage and marks the beginning of Stage 5 of our roadmap where we will see DAO activation.

Now, our goal is to hand off governance of the protocol and control of the fees that the DAO collects to our Saturn Token investment community, as described in the Prometheus stage of our roadmap.

By moving to Saturn Protocol v2 with its innovative features for traders, business owners, developers and investors alike, we believe that we can move into top-5 DEX ranking by usage, have considerable daily trading volume across all supported chains, and reach profitability for all DAO members.

Token Distribution

By the end of The Final HODL, token distribution will look the following way.


After the DAO Launch, STRN Tokens will govern the most advanced smart contract system on the whole blockchain, by a large margin. Once we successfully demonstrate that our DAO Governance works, we may see other members of ETC's ecosystem such as the coop and ETC Labs provide funding straight to the DAO, letting the community effectively manage its distribution.

Additionally, the DAO may be able to provide stable funding for indie entrepreneurs, developers and marketers which will positively impact Ethereum Classic token economy growth.


After the launch of Saturn Protocol v2, our new #DeFi primitive will be integrated with the rest of Ethereum's decentralized finance revolution. In addition to new partners and new users that they will bring along, we also foresee more smart-contract (Dapps) level integrations being developed with our DAO and our liquidity pools. Our ETH volume is growing exponentially after we released Atomic Orders that integrated Saturn with Kyber and Uniswap. With more integration partners we can only expect to see more trading volume, and more fees collected for the SATURN DAO.

Saturn DAO Governance
Deploying Saturn Protocol v2 is part of Stage 5 of our roadmap that sees DAO activation: enabling community governance secured on by blockchain. How will Saturn DAO governance and stakeholder’s voting power work?

Final Words

If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.
(c) African Proverb

You may have noticed that Prometheus is the final stage of our roadmap, and you may be wondering what happens next. This means that Team Saturn will no longer have the controlling stake in the DAO on either chain, and it is the token communities that will make decisions about the future of the protocol and the further roadmap.

We have accounted for that in the design of Saturn DAO, as it will now enable investors to directly vote for every new feature, steer the roadmap, and pay its developers and workers. We will work alongside other community dev teams on equal terms on the future steps for Saturn Protocol, and Saturn Investors will have a direct say in prioritizing new features and marketing campaigns. All further work will be prioritized and funded by the DAO itself.

Work for Saturn DAO
How can an on-chain DAO pay its investors and workers to continue growing? Coordinate with people in a trustless way? Let’s dive into it together.

Our goal since day one was to create strong, independent and diverse communities rallied around Saturn Protocol and united by Saturn DAO, with multiple stakeholders actively engaged in steering it towards the future and making sure it stays relevant, competitive and profitable for all participants. At the end of Prometheus stage, we will develop and open source all our technology that will ensure the DAO provides uncensorable crypto trading experience for as long as the internet exists.

Future is bright, time to join HODL!


New to Saturn Network?

Read more about Saturn Protocol V2 below, an upcoming major exchange protocol upgrade that will bring token to token pairs, automatic market making, DAO activation for community governance, dividends payments and much more!

Saturn Protocol v2
Saturn Network plans major exchange protocol updates to improve overall liquidity and dapp interoperability on Ethereum and Ethereum Classic.

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