Token Gaming dApp Announced by Saturn Tools

Saturn Token Game is an upcoming dApp by Saturn Tools. Users will be able to play the jackpot styled game by buying tickets with ETC or various ERC223 tokens.

Token Gaming dApp Announced by Saturn Tools

Happy to announce an upcoming Saturn Token Game being developed by Saturn Tools. The dApp's alpha version will allow users to play a jackpot styled game by buying tickets using ETC or various ERC223 tokens such as SATURN, NTRO, ONEX or BCT.

Here are some teaser screenshots for you:

The winner takes all and is chosen randomly every 24 hours by a smart contract. As you can see in the screenshots above, users play the game by buying a ticket which they can do once per wallet. One of the features we really like about Saturn Token Game is it also allows players to instantly buy tokens in one click using Saturn.js - no need to even visit the exchange, from our testing, this is pretty addictive so watch out!

Smart Contract Audit by Team Saturn

Recently we announced a dApp development kit, with a goal of onboarding more smart contract developers onto Ethereum Classic. If you want to see more dApps being deployed on ETC and help us support more independent projects such as Saturn Tools, we are currently fundraising to make this happen.


We are supporting Saturn Tools by providing a smart contract audit to ensure the game's launch is a success. We will keep you posted and be sure to announce the dApp's launch on our blog.

If you are a developer or project planning to launch a dApp on Ethereum or Ethereum Classic, and in need of smart contract audit, please get in touch via email at [email protected] - we can surely work something out for you.

Happy gaming? Soon!

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