Token Info Page and UI Updates

Here we cover our recent exchange interface updates to our website, which display more trading statistics and go through our new token information pages.

Token Info Page and UI Updates

Excited to announce we have finished further interface upgrades on our website, along with optimizations for mobile browsing. You will now find much more token information and trading statistics displayed on the exchange dashboards. The idea is to provide users with everything they need to DYOR - do your own research, follow project announcements and also easily analyse token markets to judge if they have a healthy order book.

Analysing Order Books and Depth of Market Explained
Here we learn how to read an order book, analyse the order flow and depth of market to monitor a token market’s overall health.

More Order Book Statistics

More trading stats!

If you open a token's order book, you will now find the Best Sell Price, Best Buy Price, 24H Average Price and Liquidity Depth indicated on the top left of the order book. We have also switched the Market Cap to being indicated in ETH or ETC on this page, whereas, on the asset list page we will continue to use USD.

Token Info Page


We have now moved all of the project details to a new Token Info page. Here you will also find articles embedded if a project has used our Token Profile Page and Press Release service. This adds a lot more value to our press release service as articles will be displayed permanently for our users to find, and gives a more unique feeling to a project's information page.

Token Profile Page and Press Release
Publish a crypto Press Release on our blog and create a unique token profile page for your project on our exchange. All powered by Saturn Network.

Social Media

We now display links to a project's social media accounts: Telegram, Reddit, Twitter and Facebook. There is also a new button to take you directly to the token's discussion thread on our forum.

Embedded Social Media

Twitter and Reddit activity are embedded, with the idea to give traders a quick way to find project updates and announcements, and ensure they have the latest news at their fingertips before entering trades.

Updating Token Information

All of the information displayed on our dashboards is pulled from our Asset repository on our Github. We have prepared a quick guide on how you can edit token info, which you can read through below. Don't worry if you are not comfortable using Github as we also have a form you can use to submit or update any information.

Edit Token Info | Saturn Network
Guide for editing token information on Saturn Network. Learn how to submit or edit token info on our dashboards and how to order a Token Info Page.

What can you expect next for UI updates?

Next up we will be looking at improving the My Trades page, to make it easier to track and check your trade history. We will also be adding Quick Fill buttons, which you find on many exchanges, that allow you to fill orders 25%, 50%, 100% automatically in one click.

If there is any new features you would like to see added to our exchange's interface, let us know via our forum's request section.

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