Token Profile Page and Press Release

We will publish a Press Release on our blog to provide a complete overview of your project, which will be pushed out to our global audience via our Twitter, Reddit, Facebook, Forum and our email subscribers (currently over 10,000). This is a great way to introduce your token to our existing community and immediately find new traders and crypto investors. Your press release will come with a unique image which is perfect for sharing on social media, and will include links to your website along with any links to your own social media accounts.

Press Release Examples

What is ONEX Network? | Trade ONEX on Saturn Network
What is ONEX Network? ONEX is a popular ERC223 token deployed on Ethereum Classic and tradable on Saturn Exchange. Here you can find out their project and token details.
Ace Wins Token Profile | What is ACE?
What is Ace Wins? ACE is a ERC20 Ethereum token tradable on Saturn Exchange. The project operates in the online casino space, here you can find their project and token details.

Unique Token Order Book Page

You will also receive an additional tag page on our blog which will be used whenever your project is discussed, for example, in our Weekly Top 5 Token Asset articles or if you announced an Airdrop or Trading Competition on our platform.

Your project's tag page will also be linked directly in your token's order book on our exchange and inside Saturn Wallet, along with your latest Twitter and Reddit being embedded onto our website. All of which combined ensures your token order book is more attractive for traders and investors given that it will display your latest news.

Tag Page Examples

ONEX Network | Saturn Exchange Listing
Read the latest news about ONEX Network, a popular PoS token on Ethereum Classic. Trade ONEX/ETC at the best price on Saturn Network.
Ace Wins | Saturn Exchange Listing
Read the latest news about Ace Wins, a casino token on Ethereum. Trade ACE/ETH safely peer to peer with no verification on Saturn Network.

Order a Profile Page (1.8 ETH)

To order a token profile page and press release, please fill in the form below and we will be in touch with you directly via email. We accept payment in ETH, DAI or ETC.


If you wish to discuss this service with us directly, feel free to send an email.

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