Token Self Listing Guide

Token Self Listing Guide

This guide explains how you can list an Ethereum or Ethereum Classic token (ERC20 or ERC223) on our exchange listing is completely free. You will need to have the token in your Ethereum or Ethereum Classic dApp browser and some ETH or ETC available to sign the transaction(pay for gas) to create your token's first order.

1. Submit Token Details

Our platform is censorship free and your token will be tradable immediately, however, we wish to provide our users with complete information about the assets listed on our platform such as your token logo and website. Please provide your project's details via the following form so that they can be added to our website, or click the banner below.


Note that these details will be displayed on your token's order book and inside Saturn Wallet, so be accurate. Thank you.

If at any point you need any help or support, reach out via email:

[email protected]

2. Automated Token Self-Listing with Saturn Protocol

  1. Visit our main website and open an existing order book from the landing dashboard by clicking Trade Now next to a token. Remember, you will also need to be logged into your favourite dApp browser, connected to the correct network & have funds available to pay for network fees to list your token. Notice that all our market order book links look the same, ending in the token's contract address. The only difference is if the token is deployed on Ethereum or Ethereum Classic, as so:
  1. Enter in your token contract following the link format above and proceed to create a buy order. If your token is compatible with our exchange's smart contract then you will find the name appears on the left, note that at this point you need to be logged into your Dapp Browser. Once the first buy order is created, your token will be listed and you can move on to create a sell order.
    If you are listing an ERC20 token then you will have to submit two transaction, as you will first need to do "ERC20 Approve." When prompted sign the transaction with your dApp browser and wait for the approve transaction to be confirmed.
    Once confirmed you will be greeted with the order creation page, select buy or sell order and decide the amounts and price of your order. When you are happy click the Sign Transaction button, which will open your dApp browser notification to submit the transaction.
  2. That's it you are done! Once your order is successfully created then your token will be listed on our exchange. If you now go back to the main landing page your token will be searchable in the asset search box and will be displayed on the full list also. If you use the order book link, you will now find your order is on the books. And as soon as trades have started to happen, then charts will automatically be generated.

Congratulations! Your token is now listed on Saturn Exchange and tradable.

What Next?

Additional Services Required?

Please see our overview of offered services below.

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