Free Token Exchange Listing

Saturn Protocol supports automated free token self-listing. Project leaders and developers should not have to waste crucial developments funds on exchange listing fees, it is something that we are fundamentally against. Cryptocurrency and smart contracts have been presented to the world as a new wave of entrepreneurship and innovation, yet this is being stifled and stopped by the barriers major centralized exchanges put up in the form of listing fees or listing criteria.

Automated Token Self listing Guide

Token Self Listing Guide | Free Cryptocurrency Exchange Listing
Saturn Protocol supports automated token self listing for any asset on Ethereum or Ethereum Classic following ERC20 or ERC223 standard. This guides teaches you how to list your token.

We are proud to say our platform is censorship free, any project can immediately list their token on our platform - as long as your token smart contract is compatible with our platform.

If you are having any trouble following our guide reach out via our contact form to submit your token's details and we will be in touch with you directly.

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