Top 5 Tokens Analysis: PlanetAgro, XEMX, RDAN, TARM, VINX

Latest Top 5 Tokens Analysis: PlanetAgro, XEMX, RDAN, TARM, VINX. Metric used for the rankings is total volume USD over the past 30 days.

Top 5 Tokens Analysis: PlanetAgro, XEMX, RDAN, TARM, VINX

Here we take a look at the Top 5 Performing Tokens over the past 30 days ranked by trading volume in USD. This time we have taken a look at the token's price movements also over the period to see if they reflect the same trend as their market's trading activity. Use these insights as a way to opening up your own market analysis and Always Do Your Own Research before entering any trades.

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Analysing Order Books and Depth of Market Explained
Here we learn how to read an order book, analyse the order flow and depth of market to monitor a token market’s overall health.

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The metric used to create the Top 5 Token Rankings is total trading volume in USD, also note that to be as accurate as possible we take into account the USD value of ETH at the moment of the trade.

Top 5 Performing Tokens Analysis by volume


During the past 30 days, $PlanetAgro has been the strongest performing token market by volume. The market has generated roughly $161,283 USD in trading volume, which would average out out at ~$5,300 per day. We have spotted 17 unique traders operating on this market, together they have made 644 trades total.

Check PlanetAgro price
  • Buys: 552
  • Sells: 92
  • Volume: ~761 ETH

It looks like the market sentiment around PlanetAgro is bullish with 552 buys compared to 92 sells. Let's take a quick look at the charts and see if the price has followed this bullish sentiment.


PlanetAgro's markets all fairly new so we don't have too much historical trading data to go off. All-time-low was $7.62 on 10th May, since that point the price has been on a bullish trend which has taken it to the recent all-time-high on 17th May $13.97. Currently, we may be looking at a trend reversal as the token is trading at around $11.90 down 15% since the recent high. Future price movements and growth will really depend on the project's ability to attract more traders to their market.

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2. XeniumX (XEMX)

Coming in second place we have $XEMX/ETH market, which has generated roughly $70,159 in trading volume. We saw 103 completed trades and 11 traders operating on this market. Definitely a market that is trading actively but one where would need to see many more traders before being able to call it healthy.

Check XEMX price
  • Buys: 74
  • Sells: 29
  • Volume: ~331 ETH

With 74 buys compared to only 29 sells, it looks like the market is bullish on XEMX token. Let's take a look at their 30 day price chart and see what the price movements tell us.


Well that chart is pretty easy to read, as we can see the asset clearly has a bullish trend. Currently, the all-time-low was $0.04 and the all-time-high $0.10 that is already a 150% price increase. To XEMX holders, remember that the low amount of traders means this market will be very volatile, so don't be too greedy because that is how you get burnt.

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3. Redan TOKEN (RDAN)

The $RDAN/ETH market ranks third over the past 30 days generating roughly $30,627 in trading volume. We saw 90 completed trades and 12 traders operating on this market. A small amount of traders currently actively trading, though we should note there are over 3,700 wallets holding RDAN so there is an opportunity for this market to grow.

Check RDAN price
  • Buys: 82
  • Sells: 8
  • Volume: ~144 ETH

With 82 buys compared to only 8 sells these 12 traders all appear to have a very bullish sentimeent for RDAN - do they know something we do not? Let's take a look at their 30 day price chart and see if the price movements can tell us anything.


The price chart is telling a different story, as we can see price movements have been bearish during the last month. Currently, the price is trading around $0.005 which means RDAN is currently down by -87.5% compared to its all-time-high of $0.04, however, it does look like the price has stabilized for the moment meaning these traders could be speculating bullish movements in the near future.


$TARM/ETH has generated roughly $18,958 in trading volume which ranks it in fourth place by volume. We saw 15 unique traders complete 314 trades. Another small market in terms of active traders though trade activity is quite high. That being said TARM token currently has a very low amount of token holders, so there is less opportunity for price movement as liquidity is restricted. Maybe the project is using the exchange as a initial decentralized coin offering?

Check TARM price
  • Buys: 309
  • Sells: 5
  • Volume: ~89 ETH

With 309 buys compared to only 5 sells, the TARM market looks to be very bullish. Checking their order book we can see there is only one sell order, reinforcing the idea that the TARM team is distributing via DEX. Let's take a look at their 30 day price chart and see if the price movements can tell us anything.


Price chart is showing that ARMTOKEN is very volatile with new highs and new lows being set on a daily basis. This is to be expected, as the token has such a low amount of distribution, buying and selling will greatly influence the asset's price.

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Last but not least we have the $VINX/ETH market which has generated roughly $9,981 in trading volume. On this market we spotted 27 unique traders complete 178 trades. Again quite a small market, however, it should be noted $VINX has only recently started trading on the open market and the project is still going through its early stages of its crowdfunding.

Check VINX price
  • Buys: 175
  • Sells: 3
  • Volume: ~47 ETH

We can see that the market appears to be very bullish on VINX with 175 buys compared to just 3 sells. Let's see the bullish sentiment is reflected on the price chart.


We can see that $VINX currently sees big price changes and the market is very volatile. All-time-low is currently $0.009 which happened 5 days ago, and since then VINX is up by 114358.5% as it is currently trading at $11.07. If you do choose to buy VINX it may be very profitable for you to keep your eyes on their announcements and trade off the news.

Happy trading!


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