Total Volume Milestones

Exchange has received a performance update, Ethereum Classic continues to see new trading volume records and Ethereum is rising rapidly.

Total Volume Milestones

We have finished an update on our backend to improve the exchange's performance, you should notice our website is now loading quicker and responding faster. This update was also performed to resolve the issues around new orders being created but not appearing in a token's order book or in your My Account section. If you do find this to still be happening, please get in touch with us directly via our forum in the Support section.

Fundraising Update

Since our announcement that we will move our on-going IDEOs into new HODL programs, we have seen a lot of interest on ETH but not so much on ETC.

  • Ethereum: ~2279907 SATURN sold, ~22 ETH raised.
  • Ethereum Classic: ~294140 SATURN sold, ~58 ETC raised.

We currently have a limited time offer for IDEO participants to double your investment, if you would like to support our development plan and participate you can find all the details here.

ETC Total Volume Milestone

Here is a quick highlight from our weekly exchange statistics thread as we have reached a notable milestone on Ethereum Classic: over 20,000 ETC in trading volume since launch. We continue to break new records, within the last 24 hours, we saw 38 users interact with Saturn Network which resulted in over 900 ETC in volume.

ETC Volume & Users chart from

Over on Ethereum since launch, we have seen over 396 ETH in trading volume and we are happy to report it is growing rapidly. Since August 3rd, when we released our new website interface, we can see a sharp increase in users and trading volume. Just this past week alone we spotted 87 new users making a trade or creating an order!

ETH Volume & Users chart from

Total Trading Volume in USD

At current USD prices, the total trading volume that went through our smart contracts since launch is now over well over 200k.

Total Volume USD = $195.16 * 369 ETH + $7.03 * 20688 ETC = $217,450.68

Future is bright!

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