Trade Mining

Trade Mining or Exchange Mining, is what we refer to as our decentralized loyalty program. It allows us to distribute SATURN tokens as a reward for completing a trade that incurred trading fees. It also allows us to continue distributing Saturn DAO ownership, which is a very important aspect of our project.

When you trade any Ethereum or Ethereum Classic tokens on our platform you are subject to a takers fee, which is currently 0.25%. The trading fee details are always indicated on our platform’s UI when you are going through the steps to complete a trade. And you will also always see an amount of SATURN tokens which you will receive as a reward.

There is no need to fill in any KYC or be approved, every user is eligible for our loyalty program, all you have to do is trade. Essentially we reward you for using our exchange, and this happens immediately. All trading on our platform happens wallet to wallet in one transaction, and this also applies to trade mining.

You can always track your SATURN tokens received via our loyalty program by checking the My Account section, while logged into your wallet.

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