Trading Leaderboards - How will this work?

Our second milestone set in our HODL's token sale development plan is around trading leaderboards. Let's discuss how we see this working on the exchange!

Trading Leaderboards - How will this work?

We have given ourselves certain development milestones to reach during our token sale via our MultiChain HODL dApp, and we have already completed the first one with the release of Pricewatch Bot!

For our second milestone, we wanted to implement Trading Leaderboards onto the exchange. Today we thought it would be great to discuss how we see this working, and also to receive feedback from the community. As we have always said, we are always listening and eager to hear your feedback.

Generally speaking, the way exchanges use leaderboards is for the platform to organise & run trading contests where top traders receive rewards. Usually the rewards will be tokens from a recently listed asset, as a way of turning it into a promotion for the newly listed token. It is a fun way to promote trading on the platform & attract new users - everyone likes a bit of healthy competition!

How do we see this working on Saturn Network?

We believe this should be added as a feature and allow every token market to receive a trading leaderboard. This enables token owners to organise and run trading contests without needing anything set up from ourselves, essentially providing them with another tool for using the exchange: a DEX with in-built trading competitions.

  • Leaderboards could display the traders who have made the most volume.
  • This could really be any time period: daily, weekly, monthly?
  • Token owners could announce their trading competition's prizes & rules on our forum.

What do you think?

It would be great to hear your thoughts and feedback around our next development milestone, as we want to ensure the goals we have set make sense for our community and that people are looking forward to upcoming releases.

This will help us reach our token sale's distribution targets quicker and means you will see these innovating features developed sooner rather than later! We have set up a thread on our forum where we can discuss trading leaderboards together.

Hope to see some discussion & thoughts, let's go Saturn DAO!

Happy hodling!

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