Trading Volume Reaches New Highs

Trading volume and protocol usage continues to reach new all time highs. Past 3 weeks: 6469 trades, 5950 orders, 1690 new users, 52 new tokens and $169,619 USD volume.

Trading Volume Reaches New Highs

Over the past three weeks Saturn Protocol has continued to see growth in users and trading volume on Ethereum. We have steadily been breaking all previous trading volume records and setting new all time highs for protocol usage. This is especially great to see as our growth comes off the back of development work for Atomic Limit Orders going live. We have also watched all of our metrics rise despite interest in trading Ethereum Classic tokens dropping to near zero.

Just take a look at our protocol's 30-day trading volume chart!

New Trading Volume Records

From our previous trading report, roughly 3 weeks ago, there have been 6469 completed trades, 5950 created orders, 1690 new users, and 52 new tokens listed which generated roughly $169,619 USD in trading volume. In terms of DEX rankings, StateOfTheDApps currently ranks us 4th and on DappRadar we are 7th.

We definitely have to give a shout out to NCOV token, as many of our new users turned up after the project attracted various mainstream media coverage - which saw Saturn Network being mentioned as their biggest exchange market. On 7th March, we broke a daily record seeing 320 unique users trade over 157 ETH in volume.

Ethereum Volume & Users (Source: Saturn.Tools)

Total Volume Since Launch

Since launch our total trading volume is now 2,959 ETH and 38,656 ETC which at current prices means we have seen roughly $867,862 USD go through our smart contracts.

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Trading Volume Last 3 Weeks

Calculated using the price of ETH and ETC as per the time of the trade on our platform. Period is from 14th February (our last trading report) until now.

  • Ethereum: $169,497
  • Ethereum Classic: $122
  • Total: $169,619


Trading on our token/ETH markets is becoming increasing popular. We are also started to see more mainstream tokens being traded such as WBTC, DAI, KNC and LINK due to our new Atomic Orders that allow instant token swaps. Over this period we saw 5449 trades completed and 5751 orders created. We also saw 52 new tokens being listed along with new traders being spotted interacting with our platform's smart contracts.

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ETH Trade Report

  • Trades Completed: 5449
  • Orders Created: 5751
  • New Users: 1638
  • Volume 3W: ~834 ETH
  • Volume Since Launch: ~1932 ETH
  • Total Trade Mined: ~71,584 SATURN
  • Total Token Count: 421

Ethereum Classic

As mentioned earlier interest in trading ETC token assets is nearing zero. We don't really have an answer for why this has happened, potentially, speculators believed Ethereum Classic markets would grow faster and there would be a bigger Dapp ecosystem by this date. Or that traders have accumulated enough, as in they have used up the capital they planned to risk, and now waiting to see where the ETC's ecosystem goes as a whole. Looks like it is a waiting game for now!

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ETC Trade Report

  • Trades Completed: 1020
  • Orders Created: 199
  • New Users: 52
  • Volume 3W: ~122 ETC
  • Volume Since Launch: ~38,656 ETC
  • Total Trade Mined: ~952,286 STRN
  • Total Token Count: 104

Top 5 Traded Tokens by Volume

Our rankings are generated by using total trading volume in USD, to make our calculations more accurate we take into account the price of ETH or ETC at the moment of the trade.

1. CoronaCoin (NCOV)

NCOV token has been leading the charge for some weeks now, setting new records for active traders and volume on the platform. So it shouldn't come too much as a surprise that $NCOV/ETH market is taking the top spot. We saw 1582 completed trades and 619 traders, which generated 381 ETH in trading volume.

Check NCOV price
  • Buys: 1582
  • Sells: 799
  • Volume: ~381 ETH
  • USD Volume: $77,396

2. Mnoer (MNR)

Our $MNR/ETH market has been growing steadily since its listing. Though it has not enjoyed as explosive growth as $NCOV, Mnoer is being traded actively and finding more traders operating on their market each week - which is always a good sign. There have been 27 traders on their market, completing 53 trades and generating 129 ETH in volume. Sentiment on $MNR currently seems to be pretty bullish with 40 buys compared to just 13 sells.

Check MNR price
  • Buys: 40
  • Sells: 13
  • Volume: ~129 ETH
  • USD Volume: $26,329

3. Kyber Network Crystal (KNC)

KNC has seen a rise in trading activity since the release of Instant Token Swaps on the platform. There have been 33 traders on their market, completing 26 trades and generating 67 ETH in volume.

Check KNC price
  • Buys: 14
  • Sells: 12
  • Volume: ~67 ETH
  • USD Volume: $13,679
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4. Saturn DAO Token (SATURN)

Our own $SATURN token has also remained popular, with the $SATURN/ETH market taking the fourth spot of our rankings. We saw 275 completed trades and 189 traders on the market, which generated 46 ETH in trading volume. Looks like sentiment recently has been bearish, though this can be expected due to the increase in rewards on Atomic trades.

Check SATURN price
  • Buys: 128
  • Sells: 147
  • Volume: ~46 ETH
  • USD Volume: $9,347
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5. Getmoder (GTMR)

GTMR token is constantly in our Top 5 token rankings, and this time they have just edged in taking the 5th spot. We saw 48 completed trades which generated 29 ETH in volume. Sentiment around $GTMR appears bullish with 39 buys compared to 9 sells.

Check GTMR price
  • Buys: 39
  • Sells: 9
  • Volume: ~29 ETH
  • USD Volume: $6,064
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On a final note, we are aware that the last couple of days have been troubling for traders due to the website experiencing intermittent outages. We believe we have now identified the issue and put a fix in place, we will continue to monitor performance and welcome feedback.

Future is bright!

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