Trust Wallet - Universal Support Across Ethereum, Ethereum Classic and Callisto

TrustWallet provides you with a mobile wallet that supports Ethereum, Ethereum Classic and Callisto. Perfect for Saturn Network? Let's find out!

Trust Wallet - Universal Support Across Ethereum, Ethereum Classic and Callisto

I finally had a chance to sit down and give Trust Wallet app a whirl, and I got to say that I was very impressed.

After importing my Ethereum wallet without an issue, it automatically loaded up my custom tokens so I did not have to mess around adding contract addresses into the wallet. And then I saw it supported Ethereum Classic and Callisto, after the realization sunk in that it could help me with everything Saturn Network currently has covered - well to say I was converted would be an understatement.

This is probably the biggest goal to achieve when developing an app in any industry, provide a solution to a problem users have. Sounds so simple yet many companies just can not do it or go about it the completely wrong way.

Quick Trust Wallet highlights:

  • Private key only stored locally.
  • ERC20 and ERC223 compatible.
  • Web3 dApp browser.
  • Opensource and has been audited.
  • Anonymous.

So let me tell you everything I have been able to do seamlessly and securely from inside Trust Wallet, without having to fiddle with different wallets in MEW, CEW or MetaMask. No stress of worrying about which box I pasted my private key in and no hassle making transactions at all. In fact, I will even say it was effortless as Trust Wallet did all the heavy lifting, correctly setting gas limits and all I had to do was click submit.

  1. Access our strategic investor dApp, where I was able to easily buy Saturn DAO tokens with a 50% bonus on a long HODL. And it correctly loaded up all my current investments on the redeem page.

  2. Browsed onto Saturn Network, where I was able to buy some Ethereum Classic tokens like BCT or UNITS.

  3. Invest in our main ICO and receive Saturn DAO tokens immediately, Trust Wallet also added the custom token to my wallet without me having to do anything.

  4. Swap over to Ethereum Classic network in one click, and use ETC to invest in our Saturn Classic protocol launch sale.

And there you go! With one App I was able to easily buy more Saturn or Saturn Classic DAO tokens; and was able to trade wallet to wallet in one transaction on Saturn Network. This is the type of software that will open the doors to mass cryptocurrency adoption, making things intuitive for new users and stress-free. Just thought I would let you know!

Happy trading!

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