Unified Assets Self-Listing

Saturn toolkit now has a unified process via Github for listing your token's or dApp's assets & details across our exchange and wallet. No more waiting for manual updates!

Unified Assets Self-Listing

Hello everyone!

Just a quick announcement today to let you know we have unified our asset self-listing processes on our Github. This simplifies the process and ensures it will remain very similar across all our supported chains. The idea is to help familiarise businesses with every aspect of our toolkit and ensure it is not only helpful but easy to access & use.

We have put together a quick guide for every part of our toolkit on our forum, if you have any queries or need any help feel free to ask.

You can now do the following via submitting a pull request:

  • Submit your token's logo & additional information to be used on our exchange & Saturn Wallet.
  • Submit your dApp to be listed in Saturn Wallet.

The process also saves us a considerable amount of time, as we no longer need to manually update Saturn Wallet to display newly uploaded logos or list new dApps. As soon as we approve your pull request, then your token's logo & details will appear on our exchange's dashboard and in our wallet. This is the same for any submitted ETC dApps, once your pull request is approved, then it will be displayed in our list.

Saturn Classic Airdrop?

Don't worry everything is on track for this SATURNday, 17/11/2018. We have been testing our new Airdrop Suite Tool that we announced in our update about how we will distribute shared profits to SATURN token holders. Our airdrop tool is extremely easy to set up, especially if you are already comfortable using a terminal and typing in commands. If not do not worry, we are also preparing step by step guides to follow! The great part is you could use it for various different scenarios such as airdropping a new token, managing bounty reward payments or even to share the profits from a joint venture.

Of course, if you are just interested in receiving airdrops, you have nothing to worry about this will simple require you to click one button on our website & sign the transaction.

Future is bright!

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