Upcoming Saturn HODL Programs

Here we announce our plans to move our on-going IDEOs into new Saturn HODL programs on Ethereum and Ethereum Classic.

Upcoming Saturn HODL Programs

We are happy to announce that we will be launching new Saturn HODL Programs on Ethereum and Ethereum Classic. These will both be launching shortly, as soon as our HODL dApp is integrated into the new website design. The new investment session will be focused on supporting our two recent development announcements:

What about IDEO participants?

We always strive to reward our faithful investors who participate in our fundraising early. For any IDEO participants, we will reward you as an early supporter of these new features and double your investment. For example, if you bought 10,000 SATURN tokens from either of these two IDEOs, then we will airdrop you additional 10,000 tokens. This offer is only available for a limited time, as soon as the new HODL programs are launched we will cancel the two IDEO orders.

Of course, this offer is valid for anyone who has already participated also. As soon as the orders have been cancelled, then we will proceed to sent out the reward.

What will be the new HODL bonus plans?

As usual, if you participate with ETH then you will receive Saturn DAO tokens on Ethereum and if you participate with ETC then you will receive Saturn Classic DAO tokens on Ethereum Classic. We will implement the same three options as our previous sessions:

  1. No bonus, receive your tokens immediately.
  2. A 10% bonus with a 3-month lock-up.
  3. A 25% bonus with a 6-month lock-up.

We will confirm the session's token supply and price once the two HODL programs are open and live.

Future is bright!

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