Video Guide For Creating A Token And ICO On Ethereum Classic

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Video Guide For Creating A Token And ICO On Ethereum Classic

Hello everyone!

Today I decided to have a look at the following guide published by Neuron on our forum, to create a token and ICO on Ethereum Classic. With all the hype surrounding Ethereum Classic's Coinbase listing, which will undoubtedly help with a wider ETC adoption, I thought it was a good time to revisit this tutorial.

Please note, I am not a developer! And I found this tutorial very easy to follow, just take your time. Sure you have to pay a little bit in gas fees if you make a mistake or just want to test the process, but at the end of the day, you can look at these fees as investing in your learning.

I believe when it comes to crypto projects, one thing you should never be outsourcing is the creation of the token and deployment of the ICO contract. Doing it yourself is the only way to be completely sure your ICO's treasury address is safe & secure from the start. And it ensures that nothing strange or potentially malicious is added into your token's smart contract, remember, it is possible for functions that allow features such as freezing any wallet's tokens or even transfering them to another wallet.

So why take the risk? Even if you have no intention of furthering your programming knowledge, learning C+ or Solidity, there really is no argument to not create the token and deploy the ICO contract yourself. You can never be too careful because as we know in the world of crypto: scammers are plentiful. Better for your ICO to gain a following due to its technical merits and not become infamous because it was hacked from the inside.

New ETC dApps Released

This week has also been exciting as we have seen quite a few new ETC dApps launch on Ethereum Classic, which is great news as Saturn Wallet is needed to interact with ETC dApps. Currently, most of the ETC dApps that have been released are what would be referred to as Proof Of Weak Hands games.

You can learn more about each ETC game in their introduction post on our forum(links below!), if you try any of them out, be sure to leave feedback for their developers to see:

Hoping to see more ETC tokens, dApps and games launching soon, if you are already in the process of developing a new project for Ethereum Classic, be sure to let us know in our forum!

Future is bright!

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