Website Notifications Added

You may have noticed that we have added website notifications, here is a quick update on what this will be used for.

Website Notifications Added

Just a quick update to advise we have now added push notifications to Saturn Network. If you have notifications on Ask, which is most browser's default then you should see this request come up when navigating our blog or exchange.

Show Notifications Request

In the immediate future, this will be used to notify you of articles published on our blog, so it will be a good way to stay in touch with our news and announcements. If you would like to enable notifications for our website but have them blocked by default, you can click the little padlock symbol next to the URL box on the left to amend your site specific settings.

Where to click to change notification settings

Any plans for notifications around trading?

No not at this time as our focus is on implementing our development roadmap announced with our HODL 2020 program. In theory, it is definitely possible to grow this feature to be further integrated with our platform and give you more personalized notifications. For example, you would be able to set tokens as favourites that you wish to follow and receive price signal notifications concerning that market. If this is something that would really interest you, please come and let us know on our forum.

No desire to use notifications on your desktop browser?

Being pinged about something when you are busy completing a different task is a bit frustrating, I definitely know the feeling. Many of our community members have privacy concerns which means their desktop browsers settings are completely locked down - which again we understand and applaud. On that note, I would recommend subscribing to our notifications via your phone, as it will still be a great way to stay in touch with our news.

Future is bright!

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