Weekly ETH and ETC Trading Statistics 06/09

Latest Ethereum and Ethereum Classic trading activity summary from Saturn Exchange. Total trades, orders created, trading volume, tokens self listed and more.

Weekly ETH and ETC Trading Statistics 06/09

Here is my weekly breakdown of our trading statistics from the last 7 days, looking at the period from 30/08 to 05/09. Also note that all the data I present and summarise is available to you using our exchange's API.

We are also currently fundraising to develop new features on our platform and ecosystem: implementing Atomic Arbitrage trading and release a dApp development kit that uses Truffle Suite with support for multiple chains.

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Total Volume last 7 days USD

Calculated using current price of ETH ($176.18) and ETC ($6.96) as per time of writing (coin360).

  • Ethereum Classic Trading: $8268
  • Ethereum Trading: $11451
  • Total: $19720
  • Volume Since Launch: $253752

Ethereum Classic

This past week we saw 743 trades completed successfully and 414 new orders created, which resulted in over 1188 ETC trading volume. We also distributed over 29783 STRN through our trade mining rewards program! Trade activity and volume was steadily increasing until a small drop on Wednesday where we only saw around 95 ETC go through our smart contracts. The bulk of the ETC trading recently has definitely been around Saturn Classic, though I expect we will see other tokens such as NTRO, POW, BCT and ONEX trading strongly soon!

ETC Weekly Trade Statistics  

  • Trades Completed: 743
  • Orders Created: 414
  • New Users: 8
  • Trade Mined: ~29783 STRN
  • Volume last 7 days: ~1188 ETC
  • Total Token Count: 92
  • Volume Since Launch: ~23549 ETC
Saturn Network Weekly ETC Volume

Saturn Classic DAO Token (STRN)

Our STRN order book looks very healthy, there is still more sell pressure but do remember we have our own IDEO order up right now so that influences the chart quite a bit. Traders are also still very much about accumulating STRN, which we can clearly see by the difference in amount of buys vs sells, I have noticed that once the buy orders go above the 0.000065 ETC price level then that does appear to trigger quite a bit of selling.

STRN Depth Chart 06/09
STRN Depth Chart 06/09
  • Market Cap: $603,187
  • Volume: ~1111 ETC
  • Buys: 382
  • Sells: 35
  • Best Sell Order: 0.000085 ETC
  • Best Buy Order: 0.000065 ETC
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This past week on ETH token trading we saw 281 completed trades and 183 orders created, which resulted in a trading volume of around 65 ETH. We also saw 27 new users interact with our platform (complete a trade or create an order), and two new tokens have followed our automated token self listing guide! Over half of our trading volume on ETH this week happened on SATURN market, the other tokens that have been actively trading are ScudoCash, Asian Dragon and Ace Wins. I plan to start providing weekly updates about our top token trading performers also, so look out for those updates!

ETH Weekly Trade Statistics

  • Trades Completed: 281
  • Orders Created: 183
  • New Users: 27
  • Trade Mined: ~1711 SATURN
  • Volume last 7 days: ~65 ETH
  • Total Token count: 206
  • Volume Since Launch: ~510 ETH

Saturn DAO Token (SATURN)

There have definitely been some traders accumulating as much SATURN this week as they can, with 166 buys and only 19 sells we saw around 46 ETH in volume on this market. Yes, the depth chart is showing this market to be very unhealthy but do remember our IDEO order is currently still live so that is a big reason why this chart looks so imbalanced.

SATURN Depth Chart 06/09
SATURN Depth Chart 06/09
  • Market Cap: $912,927
  • Volume: ~46 ETH
  • Buys: 166
  • Sells: 19
  • Best Sell Order: 0.00000557 ETH
  • Best Buy Order: 0.000002 ETH
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If there are any more statistics you would like me to cover in these weekly breakdowns, please reach out in the comments below or let us know in our Reddit community.

Happy trading!

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