Weekly ETH and ETC Trading Statistics 06/11

We saw 629 completed trades, 383 created orders, 60 new users and 6 new tokens being listed. Which generated over 80 ETH & 699 ETC in trading volume!

Weekly ETH and ETC Trading Statistics 06/11

Our Weekly ETH and ETC Trading Statistics articles take a look at our exchange's overall performance on Ethereum and Ethereum Classic. We cover the past 7 days of trading, which would be from 29/10 to 05/11 and all of the trading data that I summarise below is accessible to everyone via our Saturn API which has full documentation.

This week we saw 629 completed trades, 383 created orders, 60 new users and 6 new tokens being listed! Every week we continue to break new milestones, which is really positive to see.

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Total Volume Since Launch

Since launch our total trading volume is now 32,845 ETC and 1,174 ETH which at current prices means we have seen roughly $389,143 USD go through our smart contracts.

Trading Volume Last 7 days USD

Calculated using the price of ETH and ETC as per the time of the trade on our platform.

  • Ethereum Classic Trading: $3,527
  • Ethereum Trading: $15,241
  • Weekly Total: $18,768

Our weekly trading volume in USD has taken a little decrease compared to the previous week, mostly due to trading activity on our ETC markets going down. However, our ETH markets are trading positively and staying very consistent.


Activity on our ETH markets stayed quite consistent this week, with a big increase in trading within the last 24 hours. We saw a trading volume of 80 ETH generated by 205 trades completed and 226 orders created. We also continue to see our platform growing on a daily basis, this week we saw 5 new ETH tokens being listed and 35 new traders.

ETH Weekly Trade Statistics

  • Trades Completed: 205
  • Orders Created: 226
  • New Users: 35
  • Volume last 7 days: ~80 ETH
  • Volume Since Launch: ~1,174 ETH
  • Total Trade Mined: ~29,456 SATURN
  • Total Token Count: 248

Ethereum Classic

Trading activity on our ETC markets has definitely been lower than usual, in terms of volume, completed trades have continued to rise. Mostly because it appears traders are only interesting in buying or selling STRN tokens, with activity on other ETC markets taking a significant drop. I have always said that you can expect token trading on Ethereum Classic to be much more volatile and sporadic, so we will have to see when that bullish sentiment comes back across the board.

This week we saw a trading volume of 699 ETC which was generated by 424 trades and 157 orders being created. We also saw 25 new traders interact with our platform.

ETC Weekly Trade Statistics

  • Trades Completed: 424
  • Orders Created: 157
  • New Users: 25
  • Volume last 7 days: ~699 ETC
  • Volume Since Launch: ~32,845 ETC
  • Total Trade Mined: ~806,271 STRN
  • Total Token Count: 103

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