Weekly ETH and ETC Trading Statistics 16/10

Here are our Weekly Exchange statistics on Ethereum and Ethereum Classic. We saw 1007 trades, 391 orders created, 28 new users spotted and 7 new tokens listed!

Weekly ETH and ETC Trading Statistics 16/10

Time to see how we have been performing this past week with our Weekly Exchange Statistic series. Here we will look at our trading statistics on Ethereum and Ethereum Classic during the past 7 days, the period we are looking at is from 08/10 to 15/10. All the trading data that I summarise is found using Saturn API, which has full documentation published here.

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Total Volume Since Launch

Our trading volume since launch is now 29,371 ETC and 903 ETH which at current prices means we have seen $285,670 USD go through our smart contracts.

Trading Volume Last 7 days USD

Calculated using the price of ETH and ETC as per the time of the trade on our platform.

  • Ethereum Classic Trading: $2,734
  • Ethereum Trading: $10,523
  • Weekly Total: $13,257

This week trading activity has gone down volume wise, our total volume USD is down by 50%. Though this has been partly influenced by Ethereum and Ethereum Classic price drop this week. In the past 24 hours, ETH and ETC is down by 5% and 6% respectively. At the time of writing, we are seeing ETH being traded at $174.9 and ETC being traded at $4.40.


This week we saw a trading volume of 60 ETH, which was generated with 337 completed trades and 216 new orders being created. Trading activity has gone down compared to last week, I do not think this is too worrying as last week we did set new platform records - and I am sure we will be breaking them soon enough! We continue to see new users interacting with our platform, with 19 new traders being spotted and 2 new tokens being listed.

Saturn Exchange DEX Weekly ETH Volume

ETH Weekly Trade Statistics

  • Trades Completed: 337
  • Orders Created: 216
  • New Users: 19
  • Volume last 7 days: ~60 ETH
  • Volume Since Launch: ~903 ETH
  • Total Trade Mined: ~22,653 SATURN
  • Total Token Count: 234

Ethereum Classic

This past week we saw 670 trades completed successfully and 175 orders created, this generated 670 ETC trading volume. Overall trading activity on ETC has gone down this week, with 42% less trades being completed than last week. On a positive note, we have seen 9 new users interact with our platform and 5 new tokens being listed. This could indicate new projects will be emerging on our ETC markets soon enough!

Saturn Exchange Weekly Ethereum Classic Volume

ETC Weekly Trade Statistics

  • Trades Completed: 670
  • Orders Created: 175
  • New Users: 9
  • Volume last 7 days: ~630 ETC
  • Volume Since Launch: ~29,371 ETC
  • Total Trade Mined: ~718,861 STRN
  • Total Token Count: 99

Happy trading!

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