Weekly ETH and ETC Trading Statistics 20/12

Weekly trading summary: 618 completed trades, 519 created orders, 102 new users, and 6 new tokens listed which generated roughly $9,341 USD in trading volume.

Weekly ETH and ETC Trading Statistics 20/12

This past week we saw 618 completed trades, 519 created orders, 102 new users, and 6 new tokens listed which generated roughly $9,341 USD in trading volume.

In our Weekly ETH and ETC Trading summaries we summarise our exchange's performance on Ethereum and Ethereum Classic. The seven day period we are covering is from 10/12 to 17/12, with all of our trading data retrieved using Saturn API.

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Total Volume Since Launch

Since launch our total trading volume is now 1,608 ETH and 37,137 ETC which at current prices means we have seen roughly $348,056 USD go through our smart contracts.

Trading Volume Last 7 days USD

Calculated using the price of ETH and ETC as per the time of the trade on our platform.

  • Ethereum Trading: $7,305
  • Ethereum Classic Trading: $2,036
  • Weekly Total: $9,341

Our weekly trading volume as noted last week seems to have reached a stabilisation point of consistently seeing around the levels of $9k to $10k volume USD. We are still seeing many new users and new token markets emerging, with our weekly completed trades rising steadily - now we just need to find those traders with deeper pockets! This will most likely happen once Atomic Arbitrage trading is live on our platform.

Atomic Arbitrage Between Decentralized Exchanges
Atomic Arbitrage has long been the holy grail of traders - a trading strategy that by definition is guaranteed to be profitable. With decentralized exchanges and smart contracts, it is possible.


Recently our ETH markets have seen a large increase in order creation, notably by projects such as HEX, HTX or NIRX - undoubtedly, these tokens being sold have been collected in bounties or airdrops. Some of these new markets are seeing active trading volume on a daily basis, and as these projects grow then buyers will come in to fill these orders. I would suggest keeping your eye on which centralized exchanges these tokens are listed on next, you may find some interesting arbitrage opportunities come up to make you an easy profit. As we know, many people who collect Airdrop tokens to simply create a sell order and forget about it.

This week we saw 249 trades completed and 298 orders created, which generated around 57 ETH trading volume. We also continue to see new users with 86 spotted this week and 6 new tokens being listed.

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ETH Weekly Trade Statistics

  • Trades Completed: 249
  • Orders Created: 298
  • New Users: 86
  • Volume last 7 days: ~57 ETH
  • Volume Since Launch: ~1,608 ETH
  • Total Trade Mined: ~40,318 SATURN
  • Total Token Count: 293

Ethereum Classic

Compared to last week our trading volume on ETC has risen, seeing an increase of 38 ETC. Furthermore, we saw trading activity around eFork, BCT and ONEX - which is a positive sign to see ETC traders attracted to markets other than STRN. We have also crossed over 900,000 STRN distributed by trade mining, great to see that our loyalty program is working and continuously distributing Saturn DAO ownership. As we noted last week, despite overall a drop in trading volume on ETC tokens, there has been a lot of good news and announcements from various teams on the ecosystem. All in all, I believe our token markets on Ethereum Classic will come back strong in 2020.

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ETC Weekly Trade Statistics

  • Trades Completed: 369
  • Orders Created: 221
  • New Users: 18
  • Volume last 7 days: ~527 ETC
  • Volume Since Launch: ~37,137 ETC
  • Total Trade Mined: ~914,256 STRN
  • Total Token Count: 103

Happy Trading!

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