Weekly ETH and ETC Trading Statistics 21/11

590 completed trades, 691 orders created, 50 news users, 7 new tokens listed - which generated 68 ETH and 1002 ETC in trading volume. Since launch our smart contracts have now seen over $380,721 USD go through them!

Weekly ETH and ETC Trading Statistics 21/11

This past week we saw 590 completed trades, 691 created orders and 50 new users, which generated roughly $15,904 USD in trading volume.

Here in our Weekly ETH and ETC Trading summaries take a look at our exchange's performance on Ethereum and Ethereum Classic. The period we are covering is from 12/11 to 19/11, with all of our trading data retrieved using Saturn API.

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Find Ethereum, Ethereum Classic trading statistics and token market data from Saturn Exchange. Learn about top performing ERC20 and ERC223 token assets.

HODL 2020 Status


We have now sold over 76% on SATURN ETH and over 52% on STRN ETC. Remember bonus plans are only available while token supply lasts!

Total Volume Since Launch

Since launch our total trading volume is now 34,687 ETC and 1,376 ETH which at current prices means we have seen roughly $380,721 USD go through our smart contracts.

Trading Volume Last 7 days USD

Calculated using the price of ETH and ETC as per the time of the trade on our platform.

  • Ethereum Classic Trading: $4,279
  • Ethereum Trading: $11,625
  • Weekly Total: $15,904

Our weekly trading volume in USD has gone down this week, which is due to the higher trading volume we saw on our Ethereum markets last week not really follow through to this week.


This week on our ETH token markets we have seen a consistent amount of trades completed compared to last week, however, they were trades of smaller value hence the volume drop. A positive note is that we saw 31% more orders being created this week, which is a sign for more trading activity to come.

In total this week we saw a trading volume of 68 ETH, which was generated by 217 trades and 257 orders being created. We also saw 26 new users interact with our platform and 7 new tokens being listed.

ETH Weekly Trade Statistics

  • Trades Completed: 217
  • Orders Created: 257
  • New Users: 26
  • Volume last 7 days: ~68 ETH
  • Volume Since Launch: ~1376 ETH
  • Total Trade Mined: ~34,515 SATURN
  • Total Token Count: 255

Ethereum Classic

The good news on our ETC markets is volume has started to pick up again, with traders returning to various token markets and not solely focusing around $STRN. Compared, to last week we have seen 176 ETC more in trading volume. Much like activity on Ethereum, this past week, we saw many orders being created. Order creation is up by 153% compared to the previous week.

In total this week we saw 373 completed trades and 434 orders being created which generated 1002 ETC in trading volume. We also saw 24 new users interact with our exchange's smart contracts.

ETC Weekly Trade Statistics

  • Trades Completed: 373
  • Orders Created: 434
  • New Users: 24
  • Volume last 7 days: ~1002 ETC
  • Volume Since Launch: ~34,687 ETC
  • Total Trade Mined: ~852,778 STRN
  • Total Token Count: 103

Happy Trading!

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