Weekly ETH and ETC Trading Statistics 22/01

Since launch we have now seen over 30,000 completed trades on our platform. This week we saw 155 new users, 593 trades, 618 orders created and 7 new tokens listed!

Weekly ETH and ETC Trading Statistics 22/01

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Activity on our platform has been steadily growing this week, with more users turning up on a daily basis. For the last couple of days, Saturn Network has been ranked a Top 10 decentralized exchange across all protocols tracked by DappRadar. And perhaps more importantly, we have now crossed over 30,000 completed trades since launch!

This past week from 14/01 to 21/01, we saw 593 completed trades, 618 created orders, 155 new users, and 7 new tokens listed which generated roughly $7,774 USD in trading volume. You can find all of our trading data using Saturn API.

Total Volume Since Launch

Since launch our total trading volume is now 1,756 ETH and 38,329 ETC which at current prices means we have seen roughly $646,822 USD go through our smart contracts.

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Trading Volume Last 7 days USD

Calculated using the price of ETH and ETC as per the time of the trade on our platform.

  • Ethereum: $5,939
  • Ethereum Classic: $1,805
  • Weekly Total: $7,774

Trading on our ETH markets came back strong and outperformed our ETC markets by far. Overall, we saw a small dip in volume compared to last week, however, the real positives this week is the influx in new users and increase in order creation. Order creation is up by 15% compared to last week which helps bring in new liquidity to the platform.


Traders on our ETH markets seemed content to make many orders this week with 457 orders being created compared to 337 trades completed. We also saw 140 new users on the platform this week and 7 new tokens being listed, this generated a trading volume of ~35 ETH. This means trading volume and activity on our ETH markets stayed very consistent with last week's numbers, good to see we have stabilized again - now we are ready to rise!

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ETH Weekly Trade Statistics

  • Trades Completed: 337
  • Orders Created: 457
  • New Users: 140
  • Volume last 7 days: ~35 ETH
  • Volume Since Launch: ~1,756 ETH
  • Total Trade Mined: ~44,057 SATURN
  • Total Token Count: 329

Ethereum Classic

In comparison trading activity on our ETC markets did not stay consistent at all with last week, potentially the trading frenzy we saw was due to Ethereum Classic's own price surge which has since slowed down a bit. That being said we did see 15 new users and 256 trades completed which generated ~196 ETC in volume. All in all, I am still very positive that our ETC markets will grow exponentially this year as more news and announcements from independent projects emerge. For example, ETC Odyssey is currently beta testing and I encourage you all to give it a go. The beta is deployed on the Kotti network, which is a testnet, so you do not have to spend any ETC to test the new Dapp.

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ETC Weekly Trade Statistics

  • Trades Completed: 256
  • Orders Created: 161
  • New Users: 15
  • Volume last 7 days: ~196 ETC
  • Volume Since Launch: ~38,329 ETC
  • Total Trade Mined: ~944,087 STRN
  • Total Token Count: 104

Happy Trading!

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